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The basics are blue and grey

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Beau favoured blue, white and buff. All the time
  Formal dress is built on a very simple colour palette, which was initiated by the regency dandy Beau Brummel. Despite its use today, the original meaning of the word ‘dandy’ was one who was fastidious about his appearance but with the intention of producing perfect simplicity. So his...

Visit Trunk Clothiers

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Trunk Clothiers
A couple of weeks ago a reader of my blog, Permament Style, asked me what shops he should make sure he visited in London. He was coming over from the United States for a week and wanted to visit any store that could be considered unique to London. Bespoke suits and high-end shoes were out of his...

Behind the scenes at Anderson & Sheppard

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An image from Anderson & Sheppard's new blog, The Notebook
It’s rare that you get to see something you own being made. Most of the stuff on the high street the manufacturers wouldn’t want you to see being produced – rather like sausages, I suppose. And, like sausages again, you wouldn’t want to see them being made...

Get some good hangers

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Kirby Allison's hanger
It’s easy to think that the shape or size of the hanger you put your jacket on doesn’t make any difference, but it does. Without adequate support, well made shoulders on a thin hanger can bend and distort, ruining the care that has been taken to make sure they fit properly.