Most people shop online today due to its convenience and the ability to easily compare prices. Retailers are becoming more creative in the ways they entice shoppers to buy. With the help of some smart tricks, it is possible for shoppers to score some major discounts on items they already intend to purchase. The following smart tricks offer plenty of savings. 

1. Earn cashback when you shop

Cashback websites allow shoppers to earn a percentage back on what they spend. This is basically getting money for nothing. By installing the Checkout Saver cashback extension, shoppers visit retailers through an affiliate link. 

They simply navigate to one of the thousands of connected retailers, such as Walmart or Amazon, and shop as they normally would. When they make a purchase, the retailers pay 

Checkout Saver earns a commission and most of it gets passed on to the shopper. Shoppers also receive an alert at checkout if they can use a coupon or discount gift card to save even more. 

2. Use gift cards on purchases

Using gift cards to purchase online can help shoppers to save. Retailers often offer discounts on gift cards to entice shoppers to buy one. Shoppers can sign up for free at Checkout Saver, install the extension or mobile app and they will get an alert at checkout if they are able to buy discount gift cards

In many cases, they can buy a gift card worth five percent or more of what they pay for it and apply it at checkout to save money. 

3. Shop on the right day 

The day of the week shoppers choose to buy online evidently makes a difference. Research indicates that shoppers tend to get the best deals on many items at the beginning of the week. 

Retailers know that shoppers have more time to browse and buy at the end of the week and over weekends. This means they roll out discounts and special deals on a Monday to encourage shoppers to buy. Shoppers can often make an average saving of between 15 and 18 percent by shopping on a Monday. 

A Sunday is evidently the best day to score cheap airline tickets, while Tuesday appears to be the best day to buy computers. 

4. Sign up for newsletters

Many retailers offer shoppers incentives for signing up for a newsletter. There are some discounts and offers that they only share with shoppers who sign up for the newsletter. 

For example, some of them will offer those who sign up a ten percent discount on their first purchase. Newsletters also help shoppers to stay in the loop about sales, special offers and more. 

Shoppers should add their birthday if they don’t mind giving out this detail because they will often get a special offer or treat on that date. Those who are worried about cluttering up their inboxes can always unsubscribe later or create a separate address for managing these newsletters. 

5. Stack up coupons

Many online retailers allow shoppers to stack up different coupon codes at checkout and apply them to the same purchase. Shoppers enter these coupon codes one at a time when they go to checkout. 

It is important for them to enter the coupons in the right order. The coupon that offers the most savings should be entered first as it gets applied to the total amount. Some retailers do not offer the opportunity to stack coupons so shoppers need to check out which ones do. 

Shoppers should challenge themselves to see how many ways they can find to save money online and they may be surprised with the results. 

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