Dark denim is near and dear to my heart. I think my “family collection” from me and my significant other has every color from black to bleached in the spectrum. But dark? So much indigo and too little time for me, and I am always looking for the next brand or collaboration to swoon over, covet, or gift. Denham and the Child of the Jago got together to develop an exquisitely dark pair of jeans, with clean lines, simple stitching, and little in the way of extras.

Unlike jeans that try hard to look good but skimp on the finishing, this pair of jeans looks good on the inside, too. Their denim Mohawk pants are constructed from dead stock materials, always interesting, and the Apache pant is done from premium Japanese denim. A white tee should suffice if you’re feeling lazy. These jeans can carry the look. [via denim geek]