Perhaps it’s just us (fine, me) who collect too many carryalls for actual traveling needs. In reality, you’d need a winter and summer version of your basic luggage, like a weekender, maybe a rucksack, and a shoulder bag. These items can also be switched with the duffel, the tote, and the garment bag, depending on your personal travel requirements and sartorial leanings.

J.Crew’s men’s bags include one heavy-duty climbing bag in orange, a design team pick, that looks especially good when paired with the tan or brown bags offered on the same site. While J.Crew’s team is lusting over orange, we have our eyes on the Railway Bag in strong cowhide. That’s the kind of bag made for your lifetime, but it’s not a giant duffel that you won’t have many opportunities to show off. This bag was based on a commuter piece purchased in London and has a reinforced base. [prices start at $85 at J.Crew]