Tips on Dressing for Men

Handsome is as handsome does, but while not everyone can look like a movie star, men have to know when to go smart or casual. True, for work, there might be a strict dress code, with no jeans being allowed except for casual Fridays. 

The confident, successful alpha male knows how to dress up or down as they see fit for a particular event. Whether they’re meeting all the top bosses or going on a first date, they know how to dress to be appreciated and noticed.  

Jewellery for trendsetters

Whatever the occasion, wearing the right clothes and Jewellery is key to stylish dressing. Guys can shine with some pieces of Jewellery that simply put them ahead in the style stakes. Traditional Jewellery such as cufflinks and watches can be exquisite and unique and in many trendy styles and colors. 

At Kuberbox, Jewellery has been carefully and skillfully made from a diverse range of metals and stones. As a fine Jewellery brand, you can bet that a gold pendant for men comes in different styles and designs. Pendants can be anything you can think of really, from zodiac pendants to gold name pendants, to religious pendants, heart pendants, photo lockets, and anything else you can imagine. 

Kuberbox has a huge catalog so you can find your favorite Jewellery from a trusted source. They offer Jewellery with full disclosure and accountability, as well as a 30-day free exchange policy. 

Time for tees

Relaxation goes a long way with the alpha male who enjoys cool, comfy shorts in the latest styles for a laid-back weekend. The alpha male may go into weekend mode but never slackens on style. 

Their weekend wardrobe is always ready and waiting with fashion tees, jeans and shorts and a cool earring. When it comes to earrings, maybe it’s a simple gold stud or a stud with diamonds. This earring style was made famous by the English soccer player, David Beckham.

It could be a pirate hoop-style earring, too, as there really is no hard and fast rule when it comes to earring choice. Most men want a subtle earring, while others want something more bold and dramatic.

Classic styles and timepieces

Guys with good taste like to wear clothes that complement their build. Knowing if you can wear skinny jeans is an art as not every guy can pull them off. The trick for men is to dress according to their assets – strong lean-and-mean legs with a tight butt are designed for skinny jeans

Color is also key and it isn’t wise to wear shades that don’t suit you just because they’re in fashion. Wear pieces of Jewellery that suit the occasion. Cufflinks, gold chains and watches have always been viewed as more masculine, and the alpha man loves a watch worn with every outfit and for every occasion. 

Which stylish man doesn’t love a classic timepiece, and there are so many choices in terms of sporty options or smartwatches from leading brands. 

Investing in style

The alpha male is always confident and he knows how to choose clothes and accessories that brighten up his life. He is always sure of himself, even when he pushes the boundaries a bit. 

Whether working, attending a funeral or wedding, or roughing it over the weekends, the alpha male has an appropriate dress-code for any event. Most like to keep their clothes and their Jewellery modest, knowing exactly when they are over-accessorizing. 

Whether selecting a watch, cufflinks, earrings, chain, rings or pendants, the alpha male knows how to tastefully accessorize with their outfits so that each piece compliments the entire look. 

Why You Should Plan to Buy a Dog if You Are Battling PTSD

Dogs help in alleviating stress and fighting Post Traumatic Stress Disorder or PTSD effectively through their loving presence. Patients with PTSD get anxious quickly, avoid being among others, and feel lonely, depressed, and scared. 

They get constant company from the dogs, which they don’t fear. Nearly 23% of PTSD patients report they feel they don’t deserve to be loved and try to shut themselves up from the outer world. Dogs quickly solve this problem by just being their delightful self, showing unconditional love to the owners.

Bringing down stress levels for PTSD patients 

PTSD patients get too anxious, and their stress level sky-rocket even if they have to do simple tasks. Dogs bring down the stress level of PTSD patients by playing with them regularly. Their natural cuteness, tendency to indulge in silly tantrums, and their relentless effort to connect with the owner relax the PTSD patients. 

Many breeds like Corgi, Pit bulls, and Golden retrievers get trained to become PTSD service dogs. A Pitbull puppy cost is around $800 to $2000, while a trained service dog might cost ten times more. You can find more information about it on, which provides details regarding the price of various breed puppies and some valuable tips to purchase them.

Smart companionship benefits 

PTSD patients say their gloomy mood is accentuated by living alone and being isolated from society without friends or close relatives. Most domestic dogs never leave their owners alone and get automatically trained to and act appealingly. Service dogs perform much better by reminding their owners about taking proper medication to wake them up when they show signs of a nightmare. 

Besides, helping the owner directly, a dog’s playful nature, childlike innocence, and slight silliness help the PTSD owners relax. They start feeling there is still some goodness in the gloomy old world, and happiness is not as elusive as they think. 

How PTSD patients communicate better after getting a dog? 

PTSD patients shut themselves up, refusing to speak or communicate with the outer world because of excess anxiety. A dog forces them to share their space as it tries to play with them, and they need to talk at least to shoo away. Dogs make them talk, yell, shout or at least hate themselves more. 

Young dogs get enormously encouraged if they are praised and are willing to train, which forces their PTSD owners to talk to them. They give commands, a smile when the dog is obedient, get fed up when it messes, and slowly start to overcome the “emotional numbness” engulfing them. Eventually, these activities form habits, and they start relating better to humans and society in general. 

Improved Oxytocin level 

Research conducted by Meg Daley Olmert in Baltimore stated war veterans with PTSD showed an enormous increase in their Oxytocin level when they got a dog. The hormone Oxytocin is responsible for creating trust, overcome fear and gain more empathy. 

Dogs recreate the same relaxed mentality a person gets when watching a movie or hearing music just through their unique, fascinating doggy nature. PTSD patients forget their fear and anxiety and stay in the moment, enjoying a genuine soul trying hard to get their constant attention. 

Keep Owners Too busy to overthink 

The loving companionship dogs offer their owners is equivalent to any high-class therapy. Their fear, anxiety, and panicky nature prevent them from mingling easily with the others. They often tend to overthink and worry about the trauma that happened to them for several years. 

Dogs need constant feeding, caring, walking, cleaning, and most importantly, great attention from their owners. Dogs keep their owners extremely busy by giving them little time to overthink and eventually make them forget their sorrow or let go of the past.

Safety Tips to Follow While Playing with Your Dog

Reports indicate that over 470 million dogs around the world are kept as household pets. Their popularity isn’t surprising considering the warmth and companionship they offer their owners. 

Dogs are one of the few creatures that are not only domesticated but can be trained to perform several tricks. You shouldn’t be too overzealous when developing fun activities for you and your furry companion, with safety an important aspect of any interaction. Some tips you can follow while playing with your dog include: 

Don’t play rough 

It’s important to consider some issues when playing with your furry friend, as some activities can lead to casualties. The first rule of playing with your canine friend is to maintain a fun and non-threatening attitude when interacting with your four-legged companion. If your dog sprained his leg or fell down badly and got hurt while playing a game of fetch or something similar, learn from the mistake and avoid doing it in the future. mentions that dogs react according to the conditions of their environment, and if they feel threatened, they could run off or attack what they view as potential danger. It’s crucial that a dog feels safe when interacting with their owners. 

Any form of roughhousing should be avoided, including tugging or yanking at the dog’s fur or ears and forcefully kicking or throwing objects in their direction. If you’re playing catch with your dog, for example, you should throw the ball with a soft lob and not like you’re pitching for the Yankees. 

Inspect the environment 

Your surroundings should always be considered when playing with your dog, especially when it’s off its leash. Ideally, your backyard would be a great place for playful interaction as there’s likely to be little danger in that environment. 

Nearby parks are the next best thing if you don’t have the luxury of a backyard. You should also choose one location and stick to it when it comes to selecting a playground.

Repeatedly playing in one place gives your furry friend the opportunity to get used to the environment, allowing them to improve their bearing and navigation when moving around various obstacles. 

Before settling on a playground, you should consider potential dangers like nearby busy roads, broken glass on the grounds and anything else that represents a threat to your pet. 

Discourage playing indoors 

Playing indoors with your pet is never a good idea – no matter how well behaved your dog is. There are numerous ways that you or your canine partner can injure yourselves in the process. From the sharp edges on furniture to heavy objects that could crash down, the house is full of dangerous potential

Playing indoors will also almost definitely lead to the destruction of property in the process. Dogs don’t know how to control themselves and should they get too excited, the possibility of knocking over a vase or other items skyrockets. 

Stay in control 

It’s essential that your dog views you as the alpha in the relationship if you’re to maintain discipline. You should be in control during all events, deciding when the games start and stop. 

If your dog insists on continuing its play when it’s time to leave the park, for example, you must stand firm in your decision despite the sympathetic looks and whimpers it gives you. 

Teach your dog to follow commands 

Training your dog to follow simple commands like sit and stay is essential in maintaining safety levels. Letting a dog run free without supervision can be dangerous for your furry companion, as it may unheedingly run into the middle of the road or fall down a manhole in its excitement. By exercising simple commands, you can ensure that you have better control over your dog’s actions. 

5 Good Reasons to Adopt a Rescue Dog

Going out and buying a new puppy is very tempting but there are many good reasons why you should adopt a rescue dog instead. There are many stray dogs that end up in rescue shelters every year for various reasons and adopting one can reduce this number. 

All good rescue shelters have an application process to ensure they find loving and permanent homes for the dogs in their care. 

1. It’s the right thing to do 

Animals in a rescue shelter are there because they were unwanted and abandoned, given up for a specific reason or got lost. There are not enough homes for all the animals that are born every year. Euthanasia is sometimes the only option because there are simply not enough homes for all of them. 

You can help break the overpopulation cycle and reduce cruel breeding practices by adopting a rescue dog. Backyard breeders keep breeding dogs for profit that they sell to pet stores or sell through newspaper advertisements. 

2. You can find every type of dog 

People tend to think that rescue dogs are usually mixed breed dogs. Tragically, every type of companion animal can experience abandonment and cruelty. From bulldogs to border collies, there is every type of dog you can think in rescue shelters. 

You can choose from a great selection of breeds or mixed breeds if you decide to adopt a rescue dog. Cavapoos, a combination of a cavalier king spaniel and a poodle, are sought after rescue dogs but they are not so easy to find. If you go to you will find a list of rescue homes with Cavapoo rescues for adoption

3. It’s very rewarding

Adopting a rescue dog means a dog has a second chance at belonging to a loving family. It can be incredibly rewarding to take a dog that’s had a rough start in life and give it some love. A good deed like this can give you an immense return in terms of the unconditional love your rescue dog gives you. 

It will repay your kindness and patience in rebuilding its confidence with loyalty and trust. It can also give you an opportunity to show your children how rewarding it can be to take a dog that’s 

4. You pay less 

The veterinary bills can mount up for a brand new puppy that needs microchipping, vaccinating and neutering or spaying. Adopting a rescue dog may mean that some or all of these steps have already been taken. Adoption fees are usually low and are much less than the cost of purebred puppies sold for profit. 

Rescue centers give all their dogs complete health checks before they go to their new homes. For example, they receive all their vaccinations as well as treatment for ticks and fleas. They may even go through a behavior screening process and shelters often have veterinary partners that assist them with health care issues and concerns. 

4. Your adoption fee helps more dogs

Good rescue shelters will vaccinate, desex, worm and microchip their rescue dogs and this is included in the adoption fee. They are often cared for by dedicated volunteers until foster homes can be found. 

When you pay your adoption fee, you give back to an organization that uses the funds to save more lives and provide an environment in which rescue dogs can be well cared for and prepared for life in a new home. When you adopt a rescue dog, it opens up a place for another dog in need and so your kind act can actually save two dogs in need. 

Trendiest Ways to Show Love to Your Newly Adopted Dog

Dogs are extraordinary creatures that can love their owner unconditionally without expecting anything from them. In return, most dog owners flaunt their love for their dogs by purchasing expensive stuff for them and pampering them with tasty treats. 

There are many smart ways to show your love for a dog in addition to training it to impress friends and family. Making the dogs dress like the owner’s favorite hero, heroine, and buying them things representing the owner’s interest, like a bike shaped dog toy, are some examples. 

Interesting names 

Naming the dogs to reflect the dog owner’s biggest addiction like movies, video game characters, or favorite character names is smart to show how close the dog is to their heart. If you are a coffee lover, use attractive coffee dog names like Melitta, Caramel, Java, Kona, Capucine, etc., for your dog. has many 50 dog name lists related to dragons, eatables, drama names, and many more. Check for exciting names and choose a meaningful name close to your heart to name your beloved dog. 

Special monograms 

Using monograms in dog collars, beds, towels, and bowls is common, and there are numerous costly ways to do it. Combining the first letter of the dog owner’s name and the dog’s name to create a double monogram is the latest trend. Combining the dog’s name and the owner’s name to create a new trendy term is quite popular these days. 

For example, Nikita (owner name) and Rock (dog name) give Roni, or Niro, to print on all dog accessories and some of the owner’s items like their mobile cover, t-shirts, etc. Printing such names along with the owner and dog’s photo is also very common and self-explanatory. 

Use technology 

Keeping the dogs safe is the best way to show you love them and will protect them no matter what. Use the latest technology like high-quality pet cameras to help you look at the dog from your mobile anytime. Advance pet cameras give 160-degree coverage of the room enabling you to see your dog clearly from any part of the room when it is left alone. 

A loving or soothing message now and then through the speakers installed in the room will make the dog feel you are watching it even though it is left alone. Use GPS tracker embedded dog belts as new dogs and small puppies tend to wander off easily. 

Selecting safe toys 

Finding the best dog toys is a great way to keep the dogs engaged and show them how much your treasure their playtime. Always avoid plastic or hard rubber toys that might break and choke your dog if it is biting on it too hard. Tug-a-war ropes are not suitable for teething puppies, and cheap, rough toys will often wound the dogs’ jaws. 

It is best to purchase high-quality plush toys that won’t tear up easily. Many good subscription box services send a couple of plush toys, and some chew toys, and excellent treats to your doorstep every month. Use them to gift your special dog treats and safe toys every single month. 

Pet robot vacuum cleaner

Spending time with the dog is the biggest favor it expects from its new owner. Having to clean up repeatedly on the dog until it is well-trained can be a tiresome task for new pet owners. Invest in a good robot vacuum cleaner designed specifically for pets that use advanced AI features combined with the stereoscopic vision to clean after pet fur, poop, drools, and other bodily wastes. 

Just activate the mopping facility and sit back and enjoy playing with your dog while the circular disc cleans your floors for hours without interrupting your precious playtime or making you tired of constant cleaning.

What Makes Dog Such Great Pets for Your Kids

Dogs are very affectionate and humble creatures that mature quite quickly, making them ideal pets for kids. There are several other pet choices for kids starting from hamsters to birds, fishes, and rabbits. 

But, puppies top the favorite kid’s pet list due to the similar trends they share with the kids, like curious and playful nature and their abundant cuteness. Dogs not only serve as great pets but also inspire the children to grow with them. 

A special bond with dogs

Children often show their love for the new dogs or pet puppies by naming them with love. Most kids use the name of their favorite eatables, movie shows, or toys, while some kids choose country names depending on the breed. It could be Norway dog names or maybe French names. features lots of short and sweet Norweign name lists for dogs and cats that you must take a look at.

Children develop a special bond with dogs rather than any other pets because dogs are more caring than other pet animals. Dogs generally love to be around humans, especially kids, as they give undivided attention to the dogs, cuddling and snuggling with them for hours tirelessly, without expecting anything in return. 

Teaches sharing 

The special bond between the kids and dogs teach the kids to share their things automatically. Even the most attention savvy kids, who refuse to share anything with their siblings, make space for the puppies in their bed, lap, and heart. They share their eatables and playthings with the dogs reluctantly at first and then willingly. 

The dogs also tend to be gentler around the kids than their adult pet owners as they share the same innocence and playful nature of the kids. Even short-tempered dogs stay calm when they get bothered by kids because they are willing to share their personal space with the kids without resistance. 

Obedience imitation

Kids, especially toddlers, do what they see and imitate everything around them, from their mother’s habits to pet mannerisms. Having an obedient dog around the kids will be very beneficial as they will quickly pick up on the dog’s nature to please people.

Most kids with slight learning disorders or other issues like autism show improvement if given a therapy dog because they tend to pick up some of the dog’s good qualities subconsciously. 

Hence, most of the kid books and training videos showcase a dog performing gimmicks and funny tasks. The kids think they can do it if the show’s dog can perform specific tasks and start trying.

Hours of outdoor exercise 

Modern lifestyle gives the kids very little time to spend outdoors, and the safety risks reduce this time even further. Having an energetic dog in the house will enable the kids to play out for hours. A simple stick or a ball is enough to keep them both engaged for a long time, enjoying each other’s company. 

The kids run around with the dogs till both are extremely tired and both get enough exercise and fresh air. And the best part is, they use the streets, terrace or the available space instead of searching for huge parks and secure outdoors. 

Better immune system with fewer allergies 

Dr. June McNicholas’s research examined the saliva of 138 kids less than 11 years and concluded kids with dogs in their home had fewer allergies. The immune system of children with furry pets adapts better to the fur, fleas, and other allergens.

The constant exposure to dogs since their birth strengthens their immune system against certain types of sinus and allergies, preventing them from getting asthma and other breathing problems for a long time. 

The researchers credit the mental security and the comforting companionship the dog provides for the kid’s robust immune system. They also say the kid’s body develops resistance against allergies due to constant exposure.

­­Biggest Factors Causing Foundation Problems

Without foundation, your house can never stand. Foundations are the most ignored part of the building structures mostly because they are hidden. Most people take a lot of good care of the walls, interiors, and roof but forget what holds the beauty of their house is the foundation. 

The foundation carries the whole weight of your home and many factors will contribute to its problems which can, in turn, jeopardize the structural stability of the building. The main contributing factors are as follows:


The strength of the foundation materials plays a central role in whether your foundation will soon have problems or not. Some materials are weak and decompose quickly compared to others that are long-lasting. The effect on materials goes beyond quality to the right mixing ratios which determine how strong your house foundation will be. 

It is important to buy only the best building material and for that you need to contact a reputed lumber yard and building material supplier. Lumber One in Kansas City has a variety of building materials and lumber, all under one roof. The material includes treated lumber, flooring, siding, deck supplies, roof and floor trusses, trims, windows and doors, etc. They supply building materials for the whole building from the foundation to roofing and for interiors finish. 


Water can be termed as ‘the greatest enemy’ to find stability because of the high destabilizing ability it carries. Water can destroy the foundation of your house in three main ways.

Moisture: Moisture builds under the foundation and begins corroding the undelaying, thereby weakening the whole structure. Moisture will also go up the walls after destroying the DPC and create a conducive environment for mold which is toxic to the lungs and destructive to walls.

Soaking soil: When too much water builds up underneath, it will soak the soil and if it’s not removed in time, the soil underneath will begin to sink and destabilize the foundation.

Corroding metal and concrete:Water causes the metal to build rust and concrete to weaken. When the metal that is holding the building underneath rusts, it begins to corrode away and eventually give in to the weight of the house. 

Structural design

The structural designer must consider the stability of the house by having a foundation that is stable enough to hold the weight of the house. If the design of the house foundation is weak, there could be problems even before the building is complete. 

It is important to work with the right foundation repair company that understands foundation needs and can advise on the best foundation structure you need for your house. 

Olson Foundation Repair understands well the biggest factors causing foundation problems and will only advise after studying all the main causes. Their team of experts will visit your site and give an expert recommendation of how to best lay down your house structure. 


When planning to construct your house, one of the main factors to consider will be the type of soil in your area. These three types of soil are most prone to weather conditions.

Clay soils: Clay soil is highly compact and can hold water for long. Clay soil can also expand to great lengths during summer and contract considerably during winter. When clay soil is soaked in water, it expands too and if it fails to solidify evenly, it causes upheavals in your foundation. 

Sand: Sand is naturally weak because its particles are loose and can rarely hold together. When the house structure is heavy and will move and give way, causing cracking on the wall.

Black cotton soil: Black cotton becomes extremely soft during the rainy season and extremely hard in the dry season. When it’s too soft, it sinks under the weight of the house and when too hard, it forms wide and deep cracks. 

3 Lighting Tips

Poor lighting is frequently cited as a common interior design mistake. It’s annoying in any room you’re in, but it can become especially problematic in an office setting, where you’re trying to focus and be productive. It’s no surprise that poor lighting is among the top complaints among office employees everywhere.

Lighting is an essential part of office design because, much like the layout, it has a strong impact on the staff’s comfort and productivity. Bad lighting can result in fatigue, eye strain, and headaches. It also influences how well people sleep at night, their ability to focus, and the decision-making process. In more extreme cases, poor lighting can even lead to accidents and injuries.

Below you’ll find three tips on how to improve lighting in your workspace, which will help make a better impression on both employees and clients.

Natural Light

Windows have long been considered prized possessions in any office space. Although they sometimes seem to be reserved only for executives, windows do much more than giving us a nice view. Natural light instantly makes an office look more welcoming. Getting enough natural light during the day helps you sleep better at night, boosting energy level and improving concentration. Since employees who get more exposure to natural light enjoy a better quality of life, they also report greater job satisfaction.

Natural light will also be better than any form of artificial lighting. First of all, it improves productivity and morale. Second of all, getting enough natural light means you can cut energy costs, so you have an additional financial incentive.

LEDs vs. Fluorescent Lights

 Fluorescent tubes have long been a staple for office buildings because they’re cheap and can be easily installed on the ceiling to light large areas. However, they do present some problems that are hard to ignore. As time passes, they become dimmer, they flicker and create a buzzing noise. This means that the quality of light is inconsistent. The flicker and buzzing also make it hard for employees to focus on their work, so they’re far from the ideal choice.

LED lights are seen as the more expensive option, but long-term, they’re actually more economical since they last a lot longer and use less energy. They’re also much more comfortable for employees because the quality of light is more consistent.

The Appropriate Light for Every Task

Since the ceiling light has to be strong enough to illuminate the desks underneath, open-plan offices can easily become flooded with light leading to glare and overillumination, which is not only an inefficient use of energy, but it also has a negative impact on productivity.

Each area of the office space requires its own type of lighting that’s approaches for specific tasks. To avoid overillumination, lighting should be layered. You can reduce the light coming from the ceiling and valance it with ambient light, and provide employees with adjustable desk lights so they have more control and can adapt the lighting to their personal needs.

3 Lighting Tips

Improving Google Ranking in 5 Easy Steps

Developing a website and maintaining it is not an easy task. After all the development work gets over and the site is launched, nothing can be more discouraging than low traffic volumes. 

Fortunately, by using different tactics, you can get more traffic to the website. One of the most effective ways of doing this is by improving Google rankings. Here are five easy ways to get higher website rankings:

Building solid link-building strategy

To get a higher ranking in the Google search engine, you must have a solid link-building strategy. Search engine algorithms want to see that your content is relatable and benefits the target audience. The best way to assess this is by looking at how many blogs and websites link to the website you have developed. 

To get higher inbound links, some bloggers and webmasters might engage in activities such as buying them. You should never buy outbound links from shady websites because this wastes budget spend that could be better used and impact current ranking positions. 

You can rather choose to write technology guest post if you’re into that niche and contact for the right guidance on mastering guest posts on other good sites.

Conducting extensive keyword research

To have a strong SEO strategy, you need to focus on the keywords used on the website. Before writing and publishing the content, use extensive keyword research tools. Many different tools claim to contribute to keyword research but not all of them deliver. 

Get a reliable solution that serves your purposes well. Ensure that you use a good mix of traditional keywords and long-tail ones. That helps make the content more visible even if it is searched using Voice assistant apps. Ensure that each keyword is well-researched and plausible conclusions were made on the implementation of every keyword used.

Focusing on visual SEO

Is visual SEO a thing yet? Yes, it is a thing and to rank higher on Google search results, you should implement this in a meaningful way. How can this be done? First of all, use image alt text every time it is possible to do so. 

To implement visual SEO, other elements need to be brought into consideration as well. Also, using more visual content that is relatable can help contribute ranking points to the website page. Visual SEO works best also on e-commerce platforms because they help drive users directly to the product they are looking for.

Implementing local SEO

If you are running a local business, implementing local SEO should be one of the top priorities in this regard. Local SEO helps connect your website with the most relevant audience that is most likely to make a purchase. Unlike traditional SEO, using local keywords can help communicate your message with people that can make a purchase now. 

When implementing local SEO, remember to mention the primary operational location at least once. Doing so will direct the content you have created to people in the neighborhood who can visit your office. Mix local SEO with traditional keyword research and implementation for best results.

Optimize website structure

Another major contributing factor to website rankings includes the website structure. The impact made by the website is mostly about the page loading time and the structure of the website content. 

You should strive to reduce the page loading time because this has a negative impact on Google search rankings. At the same time, break up the content into different sections using subheads and headings to make the content easy to scan through. You can get more insights using the PageInsights open-source platform designed for this very purpose.