How many times, when we hear of the death of a friend’s loved one, have we found ourselves thinking, “What do I say to make it better?”. The answer is that there is really nothing that we can say to ease their pain. 

The best thing we can do is to simply be there to ensure they know that our support is unwavering. The finality of death is a very bitter pill to swallow and we are often left feeling as if we needed to just see them one more time, to tell them what they meant to us. The sense of loss leaves us feeling hollow, with an ache deep inside our hearts.

Write them a letter

If you are feeling robbed by death, you could try writing a letter to your loved one, pouring out all your deepest feelings, ensuring to tell them how much you loved them and how much you miss them. What you choose to do with this letter is up to you. You can lay it under a stone on their grave, or you could seal it in an envelope and just keep it until you feel ready to open it and read it again. 

You could even set the letter on fire and scatter that ash in your garden, then plant a beautiful flower in that spot. Each time that flower blooms, you will remember what those flowers symbolize.

Wearing your memories

A novel way to remember the one you have loved and lost is to have a minute portion of their ashes made into a unique piece of cremation jewelry. At, you can choose your own design from the large range that includes beautiful pendants, bracelets and rings. 

The pieces are tastefully and delicately made. Another option is a tiny ceramic photograph, eternalized into a pendant to be worn close to your heart. Whatever you choose, you will be assured that your loved one will be with you, wherever you go. 

Sing their favorite songs

Make a compilation of all the music that is tied to specific memories with your departed relative. Play that music in your car and in your home and sing along – even if you’re completely tone-deaf, that’s okay too. 

Each song or piece of music will have a special meaning and each one will elicit different memories of the time you had together. With modern cell phones, you can even download the songs and listen to them through your wireless earphones when you’re running or training in the gym. 

Speaking of exercise

Since we mentioned exercise: remember that physical activity is one of the best ways to make you feel better. The endorphins released during a run, or aerobics class, are your body’s natural antidepressant. 

So, dust off those running shoes and take yourself for a run, or a walk, while playing those memory-laden songs to keep you moving. If you’re not one for running or structured exercise classes, then dance as hard as you can in your own living room. The movement will have the same effect as a run and it’s great fun. 

Binge-watch your favorite series

If the idea of exercise turns you cold, then how about binge-watching the series you and your loved one enjoyed the most? 

To start with, try sticking to the more light-hearted series. The last thing you want is to watch a tearjerker, as this will only start the tears flowing again. Watch a sitcom, preferably one that will make you laugh out loud. That laughter will work absolute magic on your general demeanor. 

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