Cycles Gladiator Wine is officially banned in the state of Alabama for the nude woman on it’s label.  The bust and booty on the beauty above, illustrated with taste, is apparently too much for the Alabama Alcoholic Beverage Control Board.  Fortunately, this has become a boon for Cycles Gladiator Wine– as the resulting press flurry has given their wine one hell of a buzz.

Cycles Gladiator Wine is crafted in celebration of both wine and cycling, the two greatest things to do on a visit to Napa Valley.  The company’s Monterey County winery produces a range of wines including it’s popular 2005 vintage Cabernet Savignon.  These wines typically start around $12.95 a bottle and are available at most large wine and spirit outlets.  The company has sold 600,000 cases in all 50 states and another 20 countries, and it appears that the state of Alabama is the first to object to this label. [cyclesgladiator]