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Teaching is a challenging job, and your decision to lead the classroom is commendable. Get ready with an appropriate wardrobe, and you’ll be dressed for success.

Are you starting a new and exciting career as a teacher? Or are you already a veteran teacher but just looking for new outfit ideas? Finding new inspiration for ensembles to wear in the classroom is a challenge. 

It’s sometimes even more difficult to get dressed for a day in the classroom if your school has a dress code. If there is a dress code you must abide by, get acquainted with it right away. 

Why Are There Teacher Dress Codes? 

Dress codes? Aren’t they just for students? After all, teachers are professionals. They already know what is and isn’t appropriate. So why do schools and school boards create faculty dress codes? 

It’s true that in the past, schools and school boards usually didn’t find written dress codes necessary. That is because most teachers had the same understanding of what “professional dress” means. Today, different people have different ideas of exactly what this connotes. That’s why an increasing number of schools have instituted dress codes in recent years. 

Many private and religious schools also have special dress codes, and these tend to be more formal than public school teacher dress codes. Does your school or school board, whether private or public, have a dress code? If so, you already know the way you have to dress. But what if you don’t have a dress code? Let’s discuss some outfit ideas here. 

Neutral Skirts and Pants

As a teacher, you’ll need a variety of professional and tailored bottoms. If you’re a female teacher, you might want to wear skirts as well as pants. After all, it’s nice to mix things up sometimes. While pants can be just as formal as skirts, some teachers find they feel more professional in skirts when it comes to meetings with administration and parents. 

When it comes to colors, remember that pants and skirts in neutral colors will go with blouses and shirts in a wider variety of shades. Keeping a useful capsule wardrobe is a great way of saving money and closet space. No matter what kind of bottoms you choose to wear, make sure you take care of them properly and they look polished and presentable at all times. Check the washing instructions on your garments. 

Mix and Match

While traditional matching separates and suits are always a safe bet, you can mix up your colors a bit if you like. Matching a colorful blouse with a black skirt or pair of trousers is a nice change. If color brightens your day, add some of your favorite vibrant shades to your accessories. 

Practicality is the keyword when it comes to classroom footwear, but you have to look professional, too. Don’t show up in sneakers. It’s all a question of balance. Remember how long you spend on your feet during the day.

While you want your shoes to look professional, they also have to be comfortable.  If you’re a teacher who has ever thought extreme high-heels would be a good idea, you remember how your feet ached at the end of the day. 

Collared Shirts are a Wardrobe Must for Men 

If you’re a male teacher, keep a large supply of tailored, collared shirts on stand-by. You can wear sweaters and turtlenecks too if you’d like. T-shirts are usually out of the question, except for maybe Casual Fridays (if your school has those). However, a neat polo can meet the best of both worlds.

In today’s schools, you probably won’t be asked to wear jackets and ties for regular teaching duties. You may need to wear them during formal meetings, though. If you teach in a private or religious school, however, suits may be more of a regular requirement. 

Though some schools may not require you to wear a tie, having a nice collection of ties for special occasions like school traditions or holidays can make a big impact on your students and peers. You could even match up your tie with a unit that you have planned.

Best of Luck in the Classroom! 

Teaching is a challenging job, and your decision to lead the classroom is commendable. Get ready with an appropriate wardrobe, and you’ll be dressed for success. 


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