Parent’s Guide to Back to School Clothes Shopping

Here are our top three tips for going back to school clothes shopping this year.

School is officially out for summer, which means you have a couple of months until you have to start thinking about the back-to-school season. As appealing as it sounds to put back to school shopping on the back burner until August rolls around, you will thank yourself in the future if you slowly start shopping for the upcoming school year now. 

One of the most exciting parts about a brand new school year for kids is that it often comes with brand new school clothes, too! As parents, back to school shopping isn’t always something we look forward to, mostly because it can be overwhelming. 

But if you plan ahead and prepare for back to school clothes shopping by adhering to the tips in our parent’s guide to back to school shopping, this year’s back to school shopping experience will be a breeze. 

Here are our top three tips for going back to school clothes shopping this year! 

Come Up With an Affordable Budget 

Before you go to the store or order clothes online, sit down for a moment and consider what affordable means to you. When you go into stores with a budget in mind, it’s easier to adhere to a spending limit than if you enter the stores without a plan. 

You are less likely to make spontaneous purchases with a budget, too. It can be exhilarating to buy whatever your kids like when shopping for back to school clothes, but this feeling of excitement only lasts for so long. Once it wears off, you’ll find yourself regretting the impulsive decision because it wasn’t necessary and it caused you to spend more than you planned. 

Create a Checklist of Necessary Purchases

In addition to having a budget, creating a checklist can help you stay on top of your spending when you go back to school clothes shopping. It can be very easy to buy things without thinking about how much you’re spending. 

Whether you get caught up in the experience or you simply do not think about how much everything costs, the price of back to school clothing can add up quickly. Not only will you be able to keep yourself from overspending, but you’ll also save a lot of time in stores

Without a checklist, you’ll have to think about what you’re buying on the spot. This takes a lot of mental energy and you might run into decision fatigue. Neither of these situations are conducive for productive shopping trips, so don’t underestimate the power of a checklist! 

Be Strategic About the Clothes You Buy 

Last but not least, an amazing tip for parents going back to school clothes shopping is to be very strategic about the clothes you buy. What does this mean? Well, it starts with purchasing clothing that is hard to get dirty. For instance, buy school shirts that are navy blue, burgundy, or dark green, and purchase pants or skirts that are black, dark grey, or brown. 

The trick here is to only dress your kids in clothes that you can easily take stains out of and wash with ease. This will eliminate the chances of your children ruining their clothes like they most likely will in white T-shirts, khaki pants, and light yellow dresses. 

In addition to only purchasing dark-colored clothes, consider buying clothing in a size larger than what your child currently wears. Kids grow so quickly, and the chances that your child will outgrow their new school clothes before the school year ends are very high. 

Tips for Back to School Clothes Shopping 

By being proactive about your child’s inevitable growth, you will save yourself money in the long run. It’s a win-win. Just be sure that you don’t purchase clothing that is too big for your kid because you don’t want them to be swimming in their school clothes all year long. It might be hard to find the right balance, but it’s possible. 

All in all, back to school clothing shopping doesn’t have to be a terrible experience that you avoid. By coming up with an affordable budget, creating a checklist, and being strategic about the clothes you buy, you’ll have your most successful back to school clothes shopping experience yet! 


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