Parent Guide to Appropriate Teen Fashion

Follow these rules, and your teenager will look and feel great. And you, mom or dad, can rest assured that they are appropriately dressed for both their age and the occasion.

It can be challenging to know what’s appropriate for your teenager to wear to school or anywhere else. Since teens are famous for pushing the envelope, it’s up to the parents to decide what constitutes appropriate attire for their children. Fortunately, there are a few rules that you can follow to ensure that your teenager stays fashionably appropriate. 

Watch Your T-Shirt Slogans

T-shirts are usually a reasonably ubiquitous uniform for teenagers, and most of the time, they’re perfectly appropriate to wear. Sometimes, T-shirt slogans can be vulgar or inappropriate, though, so it’s good to monitor your teen’s T-shirts to make sure that they are not broadcasting anything that you don’t want to say.

Bear in mind that some T-shirts could have slogans that you don’t understand but might be offensive to others. When in doubt, Google the saying to ensure for yourself that it’s appropriate. 

Longer Shirts with Leggings

Leggings are a popular wardrobe choice for teenagers because they offer maximum style and comfort. Generally, leggings are a fun way to add flair to an outfit or transition clothing between warm and cooler seasons. However, it’s important to remember that leggings are exceptionally tight garments, and shorter shirts may look inappropriate with them.

Longer shirts and dresses pair great with leggings. Make sure that the material covers your teen’s behind to avoid a too-tight, inappropriate look.

Help Them Find a Signature Look

One of the best ways to help your teenager look appropriate and feel their best is by allowing them to find a signature look. All teens are different, so talk to them about what clothing they like and find age-appropriate options that reflect their style.

By helping your teenager find a signature look, you’re helping them choose appropriate pieces that they will actually wear. This exercise can also be a bonding activity for parents and teens and foster communication during a tricky part of their lives. 

Encourage Age-Appropriate Footwear

Don’t ignore your teen’s footwear, as it’s an essential part of their outfit and could make or break whether or not their clothes are appropriate. In general, footwear that’s more adult-oriented, like high-heeled pumps, is not suitable for teens. Instead, look for kid-friendly clothing in proper colors and styles, like cute sneakers or ballet flats. 

A lot of this comes down to your child’s personal style, so if they tend to be more elegant or refined, try to find muted pieces that are both child-appropriate and suitable for their tastes. Good shoes, like leather sandals, can even transition between kid and adult looks.

Have a Few Go-To Pieces

When your teen has a few go-to pieces, they are much more likely to dress appropriately and fashionably at all times. These signature pieces will vary from teen to teen but could include chic printed dresses, leggings, shirts, and other things. With a few fun go-to pieces selected by you and your teen, you’re less likely to find them dressing older than their years.  

Embrace Chic but Comfortable

When it comes to teen fashion, comfort is definitely the word of the day, but you also want to make sure that they look chic as well. Teenagers can get away with bright hoodies, sparkles, and comfortable footwear more than older teens or adults can. What’s more, these sorts of clothes are conducive to long studying sessions and other teen activities.

Striking the right balance can be tricky, so doing a little bit of trial and error can undoubtedly help you figure out what works and what doesn’t. The key is to find clothes that your teen will want to wear while keeping everything as age-appropriate as possible.

Be Careful with Jeans

Be careful with buying jeans when you’re shopping for teenagers. Jeans are a staple of almost every outfit, but they can also be too tight or suggestive for teens. Likewise, stay away from clothes like jeggings, which can be overly tight and look inappropriate on younger teenagers.

Follow these rules, and your teenager will look and feel great. And you, mom or dad, can rest assured that they are appropriately dressed for both their age and the occasion.


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