Knitting Fashion Ideas

Crochet sweaters and knit tops no longer belong at the bottom of your grandmother's trunk. Instead, knitting is back in the limelight.

Knitwear is in vogue. You’ll see it on runways and in your favorite designer shops. Crochet sweaters and knit tops no longer belong at the bottom of your grandmother’s trunk. Instead, knitting is back in the limelight. 

That may leave you wondering how to wear the latest knitwear trends. Whether you’re doing the knitting yourself or hope to buy something premade, allow us to present the best knitting fashion ideas of this season—starting with our personal favorite, the sleeveless knit top. 

Sleeveless Knit Tops 

The latest sleeveless knit tops are all about neutral colors and luxurious materials. They’re minimalistic and foundational, which means everyone should have a few. A cream sweater shell from a staple company like J.Crew is perfect with nearly any outfit. You can pair it with khaki pants for a casual look or sport it under a suit jacket for something more formal.  

With a bit of time and patience, you can also knit a sleeveless top yourself. This Bamboo Pop pattern is gorgeous, and you could easily switch the colors to something even more understated. Neutral creams and beige would make a gorgeous statement. 

Knitted Skirt Sets

Is there anything more polished than a matching knitted skirt set? If you doubt it, know this: gone are the days of drab and heavy options. Today’s knitted skirt sets are lightweight and comfortable. 

Plus, they’re full of fun color pops. This skirt and matching sweater by Wales Bonner is a great example. Ribbed and lightweight, it’s perfect for warmer weather. The black looks sleek, while the contrasting sleeves and skirt pattern keep it eye-catching. 

Knit Cardigans

Another one of our favorite ways to wear knit is in the form of a classic cardigan. Knit cardigans never go out of style, maybe because they’re so soft and comfortable! 

You could go all out and splurge on a knit cardigan like the celebs are wearing. Rhianna and Katie Holmes have both been spotted in their Khaite cardigans, which retail for just over $1k. But if your wallet isn’t that padded, don’t worry. There are plenty of stylish options at more affordable price points. 

Alternatively, you could knit a cardigan yourself. We like this chunky one by Camila Vad on Ravelry. It’s super cute with a dress on those almost sunny spring days. 

Knit Dresses 

If you don’t own a knit dress yet, there’s no time like the present! Knit dresses may seem grandma-ish, but if that’s the case, you probably haven’t seen the latest style offerings. 

Lightweight knit dresses with open weaves or ribbing are perfect for warmer weather. They don’t have to be chunky, nor do they have to add inches to your midsection. They can be slimming and far from stifling. 

This dress from Joie Cedar is exactly what we mean. It’s a midi dress with bright turquoise and muted beige stripes. It screams the 90’s, but in a good way; like 1997, grew up, got a master’s degree, and learned to like good Cabernet. 

Knit Corsets 

Yes, we know corsets technically went out of fashion in 1899, but it seems they’re making a comeback. Blame the Netflix hit show, Bridgerton, if you need someone to yell at. 

Thankfully, today’s corsets avoid the whale bones and too-tight lacings. Instead, the most stylish corsets of this season feature knitting! Just check out this cable-knit bustier by Yves St. Laurent. It’s all the romance of 19th century Europe with a sexy, modern touch. 

Tops, skirts, cardigans, and corsets are only the beginning of the knitted fashion trend, which means it’s time to start scoping out knitwear from all your favorite brands. Or, maybe it’s time to invest in a pair of knitting needles yourself. Just think of all the knitting fashion ideas you could come up with! 


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