Interior Design Trends for 2021

You can incorporate these trends in their entirety, or you can draw inspiration from all of them.

Interior design is one of the most exciting parts of owning a home or an apartment. While you can design your interior however you like, there are ever-changing trends that you can follow.

Trends are a great way to take inspiration and apply them to your life. Not every trend will catch your eye. However, if you’re stuck on how to design your home, inspiration can come in handy.

Reading through the interior design trends for 2021 can help you get a head start on your new home. If you need a change of scenery, inspiration can help you find what you need. 

Indoor Gardens

Since the pandemic hit, people have been trying new hobbies, like gardening.

Indoor plants have become increasingly popular over the last year. They are a simple way to add another layer of depth to your home. Indoor plants also serve as a way to take care of another living being.

Starting a small indoor garden also offers room for interior design. Plant holders and pots can come in matching and complex designs. Depending on the plants, they can even add a lot of color to the inside of your home.

Natural Lighting

Natural light works wonders for many reasons. The light can make a room feel bigger and brighter without using electricity. Natural lighting also lends itself well for photography and reading. 

Most importantly, natural lighting provides us access to the light of the outside world. More natural light can increase focus and production and exposes us to vitamin D. As a result, people tend to be drawn towards rooms with direct sunlight out of instinct. 

Most likely because a large majority of people have been stuck inside for a year, natural lighting is a must for 2021. A connection to the outside world is an invaluable accessory for any home during a time spent stuck inside. 

Splash of Color

Adding a pop of color in an otherwise neutral room is a popular trend this year. The color can be any vibrant color, and the trend leaves a lot of room for creativity.

You can utilize this trend in every room or just in one room to highlight it. The pop of color does not have to be distracting or all over the room. You can pick one point in the room and highlight it with a vibrant red, pink, or whichever color suits you.

Bright colors are a good way to lighten the overall atmosphere of a room or home. 

Multipurpose Furniture

The average household has gone through some big changes in the past two years. Home offices are now a more common necessity. Many people have gone from driving to work every day to rearranging a room into an office.

As a result, the need for multipurpose furniture and spaces has grown. Furniture that has no other purpose other than to sit and look pretty is not cutting it anymore. But furniture that can double as a craft table and a computer desk has a rising appeal. 

Multipurpose furniture is also great for families with kids. Workspaces can also double as study and play spaces for children. 

All Around the World

Adding elements of different cultures and nations is also a growing trend in 2021. As there are still heavy restrictions on traveling out of the country, people are making up for it at home. 

A good way to incorporate this trend is to find at least one theme that you find interesting. The theme can include a certain country, culture, or spirituality. By decorating your living space based on another culture, you can also educate yourself about that culture. 

It is important to try and remember to avoid decorating your space in a way that might come off as disrespectful to the culture you’re trying to honor. It can be easy to accidentally cross the line if you have not done your research.

But there is nothing wrong with paying tribute to a specific culture or part of the world.


Above are five of the hottest interior design trends for 2021. You can incorporate these trends in their entirety, or you can draw inspiration from all of them. 


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