How to Decide on the Right Style as a Musician

Reading this article can help you decide on the right style as a musician.

Being a musician is a passion that millions of people around the country (and the world) share. Even though music is an experience that brings people together, being a musician is a different story. 

Any artist wants to stand apart from the rest of the crowd and tell their own story. When there are millions of competitors, setting yourself apart can be difficult. As a result, musicians will often turn to non-musical things that will make them unique. These things can include behavior, makeup, and even fashion. 

Reading this article can help you decide on the right style as a musician.


Personality can be a huge factor in deciding the style of your brand as a musician. While many musical artists will take on an alter ego when performing, there is usually something that ties their stage presence to their personality. 

A specific personality type does not have to limit the style of a musical artist. Fashion and design are widely subjective and unique to each individual. There are some purposes that fashion can provide when trying to achieve a certain feeling, however.

For example, there can be two people with similar personalities. They are both shy musical artists. The first shy person may feel perfectly content to wear quiet and dull clothing or colors. Another shy person may want to overcome their shyness by wearing bold colors or outfits.

A musician can incorporate their personality into their outfits as well. A lot of musicians and bands will center their brand around a specific personality trait or interest. By creating a musical brand around one idea, artists can build an audience around that niche. 

In the case of alter egos, musicians can create a personality for their brand that is entirely different from their real personality. 


A lot of times, musicians have a message they are trying to convey through their music. This message can also be apparent through their clothing and general design.

Basing the design of a musical brand around a core message is an easy way to start brainstorming ideas. Musicians can take inspiration from that message and apply it however they want.

A good example of this is Lana Del Rey, whose music focuses on themes of love in a vintage era or setting. As a result, her fashion and style take inspiration from vintage clothing and accessories. 

There are many more examples of musical artists conveying a message through their overall aesthetic. Once an artist establishes a clear message, the design of their musical brand can mimic that message. 

On the other hand, an artist’s style does not have to match the theme of their music. There are even artists who intentionally brand themselves in a way that is opposite of their music’s message. This act itself is a way of sending a message. 


An artist’s physical appearance before making any changes can play a large part in the final design. Some artists are not comfortable with consistently showing their physical appearance, and this reluctance can be due to insecurity or safety reasons.

Artists who wish to maintain some form of anonymity will often wear a mask or a disguise of some kind. A good example would be the pop singer Sia, who uses wigs to mask the top half of her face. 

However, there are many artists who feel no need to hide or dress in any particular way. 


Overall, the style of a musician should be as unique as the individual themself. Comfort is the highest priority when it comes to expressing oneself. Everyone’s comfort level is different, allowing different people to explore their options.

Personality, message, and appearance are three of the best ways to start finding an aesthetic for a musician. When it comes to art, there is no right or wrong way to express yourself. 


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