Helpful Tips On Plus Size Fashion for Women in Canada

Discover the Fascinating Facts About plus Size Fashion for Women for the First Time!  In 2019, Apparel industry in Canada experienced $2.09 billion of sales only in Canada in Women’s Special Size Category Amazed? Yes, this is true the plus size fashion for women is impacting the world with their positive aura and changing the … Continued

Discover the Fascinating Facts About plus Size Fashion for Women for the First Time!

 In 2019, Apparel industry in Canada experienced $2.09 billion of sales only in Canada in Women’s Special Size Category


Yes, this is true the plus size fashion for women is impacting the world with their positive aura and changing the perception of the public towards plus size figures.

 “At any point of life you might be obsessed with your body and shape.”

“Those people are looking at me. They are talking about my dress.”

“You have been bullied many times due to my weight and oversize.”

If you are reading this line, it means either you fall under the plus size category or wanted to help someone who is going through these thoughts.

No matter what is the case, the person who encountered the situation would be agreeing to the point. Or he might have experienced the same situation.

Offices, schools, play ground, relatives’ house, friend circles etc. These are sort of the places you might be a victim for being oversized.


Sorry to address these points! I know these could be your nightmare that you never wanted to encounter in life but these are the true facts!

It’s never about people’s perception. It’s always about how much you love your body and soul.


Have you observed the data in the beginning of this content? The data itself is sufficient to prove the facts are true.

If you are living in 2021, you will find that society’s perception has changed exceptionally toward plus size women.

I converted my obsession for body into my passion and started an online store Forharcloset to solve the clothing problem for fit and lean figured women as well as for plus size women.

Nowadays, especially women with plus size figures would love to carry the clothes that fits as per their size of the body.

You might have observed that some of the women with plus size fiures look amazing when they carry clothes but some of them look a bit confused or they don’t have a good idea of what to carry, which colour to choose and so on.

Surprisingly, I found people asked some simple questions related to plus size fashion for women on different platforms. For others these questions can be simple but for women with plus size figures it impacts their lives to the extent.

In an attempt to solve the problem, I got influenced to write this piece of article to make people (i.e. plus figure women) feel like size does not matter and they can imagine themselves as a model doing the ramp walk in plus size fashion for women category.

Hence if you read this article till the end, you would never be bullied by others, would start loving your body and shape and could be the centre point of attraction walking on the street.

So let’s have a look at ideas for plus size fashion for women.

Giving Shapes to Lumps and Bumps: 

All it starts with choosing the right size of undergarments. The ugliest thing you would find in plus size fashion for women is that the lumps and bumps are visible. Even though the lady is properly dressed.

To avoid the situation, you should be cautious and particular while choosing the pair of bras and panties. Try and check whether your undergarments are giving proper shape to your body or not.

If it doesn’t, do the alteration as per your size and shapes.

Adding the Collection of Clothes to Your Wardrobe: 

You can start with a good fitting of jeans, t-shirts, skirts and fitting palazzo. You can have the combination of solid colour and sober patterned clothes. Carry a simple lightweight jacket or sweater over the top or skirts.

Finding Best Colour of Dress That Suits on Your Body: 

Mostly people prefer black colour dresses based on the perception that they would look amazing. If you are tall and plus size with fair colour, this could work out best but not in all the cases.

Hence forget the traditional perception about the colour and explore combinations of colours that are light, dark or even dull.

Choosing clothes of dull colour will not make you out of fashion rather it can be the best representation for the plus size fashion for women.

Clothes Are Too Tight or Too Loose: 

You can feel hopeless if your clothes are shapeless. Hence it is very important to check the measurement of your clothes.

If you are carrying too tight clothes, the bumps would seem like speed breakers (i.e. layers of bumps) on your body. So make sure you are having the perfect fitting of clothes to make the highway (i.e. lumps and bumps are properly covered) smooth.

Misconception about plus Size Clothes Prices: 

Would it cost more for plus size clothes?

This is just a misconception that you need to pay extra for your plus size clothes. The size is increased not your budget. Even though if you don’t find the clothes of your size, you can get it customized as per your need.

You can check Forharcloset, an online store that offers women clothing in Canada with perfect fit for any size, shape and age group.

Add Style to Your Fashion with Accessories: 

Try out some jewellery that is the best match with the colour of your dress. Choose the size of the jewellery that looks good on your dress.

Whether a pair of shoes would be the best match or a sandal or a high heel footwear? Try each of them and choose the appropriate one.

You can also add a belt to your dress that could help you in two ways.

The first benefit of using a belt is that it hides your lumps and the second it looks stylish and best matches the dress.

Choose the Hairstyle:

Hair style can be a key factor to your look. So try to match different hairstyles with different dresses, t-shirts or other outfits. Choose smartly otherwise this can leave you with an unattractive look.

Make It Beautiful: 

Make yourself beautiful with the help of science. Didn’t get it?

Haha!(on a lighter note) I am talking about makeup.

The more you’ll keep your skin hydrated, the better it will be. Try out day cream if you are going out. Do cleansing, apply mascara and lip balm. Try to have a natural look only and a little makeup is more than enough.

Remember! Simplicity is the best policy. This stands true in this situation too.

Achieve Good Mental and Physical Health:

You need to put all your resources to work (i.e. heart, legs, and entire body). No No! Don’t misunderstand. I am not asking you to do intensive exercise.

I want you to do a little exercise daily to the extent you enjoy the process.

You Know! You can look amazing with the help of makeup but no match for natural beauty.

So exercise a little to put you in a positive state of mind.

You can also choose outside activities like riding bicycles, ploughing grass etc.

Choose Your Food Smartly:

Nutrition and vitamins play equally important roles as physical and mental activity does. So choose your diet properly. Check your daily nutrition intake.

Fill the gap of vitamins and nutrition with vegetables and fruits.

This will help you to energize and you will get the feeling of joy.


It doesn’t matter who bullied you or what people are thinking about your oversized figure and Fashion.

The only thing that matters is how you perceive yourself (i.e.body and shape). If you make yourself happy, this planet would seem like the best place to live.

The perception has changed now and you can carry and  represent plus size fashion for women by following simple steps.

Make the basics right by choosing the right size and shape of undergarments.

Add a pair of jeans, skirts, t-shirts, Palazzo to wear.

Choose the colour as per your choice not on the recommendation of others.

Make sure your clothes are giving a smooth shape to your curves and body.

It is not going to cost you a lot. The size is large, not the price. Check Forharcloset for varieties of dresses, skirts, palazzo and other outfits at an affordable price

 Do little exercise, be in a positive state of mind and choose the nutritious diet in your daily routine to be in a positive frequency of thoughts.

 The world is there to explore, don’t just bother about people’s thoughts. Everyone is different with different abilities.

 So try to be yourself and try exploring yourself rather than thinking on negative comments and so.

 How do you like this content? Please share your valuable views in the comment section.

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