Guide to Work From Home Clothing

Getting ready to go to work in a casual yet professional outfit can change the way you feel, even if you never leave the house.

When you work from home, separating your work and personal life can be as simple as changing your outfit. Getting up in the morning and wearing work clothes can affect your productivity and keep your work and personal lives distinct from each other. 

To Zoom or Not to Zoom

Suppose you have to spend your workday in Zoom meetings; what you wear matters. If you normally wear a suit or other professional attire when working in person, you should do the same when meeting with colleagues and clients via the internet. 

On your days away from the camera, your work-from-home clothing can be comfortable—think casual-Friday comfortable. Rather than wearing your pajamas all day, you will feel more professional if you wear clothes that are appropriate for the office. 

Casual Friday clothing includes

  • A casual knit or jersey dress
  • Pressed denim pants (no holes or fraying)
  • Dressy capris
  • Slacks or khakis
  • Professional but comfortable sweater
  • Collared shirt

You can always dress up a casual outfit with accessories like scarves and earrings. If you have an unexpected meeting, you can always upgrade your casual outfit with accessories around your face. 

If you have to attend a professional Zoom meeting, your casual Friday look might not suffice. You might have to wear a professional outfit for Zoom meetings with clients and customers. If you spend the entire meeting seated, you should look good from the waist up, but if you have to get up during the meeting, your entire outfit should look professional. 

Consider wearing professional clothing like

  • Pressed shirt or blouse
  • Dressy slacks or skirt
  • A dress
  • A shirt and tie or a blouse and scarf
  • A suit jacket, blazer, or professional wrap or sweater
  • Dressy accessories like scarves, necklaces, and earrings

While working from your home, you probably won’t need to buy new professional clothing as what you have already should do. If you often wear casual clothes to work, you might find yourself upgrading your wardrobe before getting back on location. Fortunately, clothing manufacturers are making stylish work-from-home clothes for affordable prices. 

Good Hygiene is Always Professional

Even if you haven’t been to the office in months, you should take care of your personal hygiene. You’ll feel better for work if you shower every day and do your hair. Regular haircuts can help you maintain your professional attitude, while not taking a shower or neglecting your makeup might reduce your confidence online or at home. 

You never know when you have to attend an impromptu meeting, so you should always be prepared during office hours. You’ll have to figure out how to balance your style and comfort, as you might be able to wear comfy slippers around the house and still maintain productivity. 

Fashion Affects Your Attitude

Psychologists know that clothing affects the wearer. Enclothed cognition not only affects the way people see us but the way we see ourselves. At first, working from home was a novelty, but some people are finding the experience to be less than fulfilling. Wearing professional clothes – even while working from your kitchen table – can change your attitude about your job. 

If you find that you are going through a work-from-home slump, try changing your outfit. Wear an empowering color and an outfit that makes you feel confident. You can wear something comfortable yet professional, so you feel more productive. If you make your pajamas and slouchy hoodie your go-to outfit, you’re bound to feel lazy and sleepy. 

You Set the Standard

Consider how much time you spent each day getting ready to go to the office. You cared about your look. While working from home, you can have the same care, concern, and creativity about your appearance, but you care about your look for your psychological well-being

Getting ready to go to work in a casual yet professional outfit can change the way you feel, even if you never leave the house. 


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