Linen Joggers For Spring

For warmer weather, linen is always a good idea. And as we transition from season to season, having lightweight pants to wear instead of jeans is also a good idea. These Old Navy linen joggers were on major sale a few weeks back and had to try them. After sharing on my Instagram Stories, it … Continued

What’s Your Summer Nail Polish Color

I’ve always been someone who loves to do their own nails at home. It’s quick, easy and saves a ton of money. Once warmer weather rolls around, I’m instantly switching my dark moody reds and burgundy hues for orange and red polishes instead. It’s the swap I can’t wait to make each spring and summer. … Continued

What To Wear When Visiting Wine Country

There’s nothing quite like a girls’ trip to wine country like Napa or Sonoma. It’s relaxing, it’s beautiful, and the food and wine are incredible. You just can’t go wrong. The last few times I’ve visited I’ve grown to like wine country a little more. I’ll be honest, my first visit wasn’t ideal. It rained, … Continued

Saie Clean Beauty Review

I have found myself reaching for a few Saie Beauty products lately more than anything else in my makeup bag. This is a new to me beauty brand that I am LOVING. So much so, I had to write a whole post on it. Saie Beauty is a clean beauty brand that was recently launched … Continued

Your Favorite Budget Fashion Websites

 While our American counterparts may feel that us Canadians lag behind them in terms of online shopping, this is not true. We have tons of fashion websites here up North that can help you get an amazing deal on your clothes. Whether you are shopping for your summer outfits, or just getting a killer wardrobe, … Continued

Item Worn Every Day for a Week

Sometimes in life, it is a good idea to learn about decision fatigue and its symptoms. A simple task for this is to wear the same outfit every single day for a week and check if it gives you mental clarity or not. You can try this easy experiment without fear, as it will also … Continued

How to organize your wardrobe with quick closet organization ideas?

Why didn’t I consider more space in my closet wardrobe at the time of purchase? Probably you might have encountered the same question in your mind. Correct! Well it is the obvious question that comes to our mind when the clothes are scattered within the wardrobe. Generally it’s not about getting more space else how … Continued

Helpful Tips On Plus Size Fashion for Women in Canada

Discover the Fascinating Facts About plus Size Fashion for Women for the First Time!  In 2019, Apparel industry in Canada experienced $2.09 billion of sales only in Canada in Women’s Special Size Category Amazed? Yes, this is true the plus size fashion for women is impacting the world with their positive aura and changing the … Continued

Biorevitalization From A to Z

Biorevitalization is a procedure that helps revitalize the skin, taking into account its biological characteristics. Natural and unstabilized hyaluronic acid is well suited for this purpose and is used as a component of biorevitalization. Indications for the biorevitalization procedure can be such as flabbiness, dryness, dull complexion, post-acne and age spots. The procedure can also … Continued

“Hana” by Camilla Akrans

Photography: Camilla Akrans / Model: Hana Jirickova / Make-up: Wendy Rowe / Hair: Yannick D’Is / Styling: Julia Von Boehm The post “Hana” by Camilla Akrans appeared first on The Fashiongton Post.

Uniform Dressing

Over the past decades, the approach to clothing and fashion has changed not only on the runways of fashion shows. The economic crisis of 2008 buried the consumer hysteria of the early 2000s along with its inherent brand mania and excessiveness. And today — with all the variety of fashionable assortment — the main outfits … Continued

“White Foil” by Thiemo Sander

Photography: Thiemo Sander / Model: Alexandra Martynova / Make-up: Jurgen Braun / Hair: Sebastien Le Corroller / Styling: Julie Gillet The post “White Foil” by Thiemo Sander appeared first on The Fashiongton Post.

Top 5 Most Effective Fat Burning Products

If you are sick and tired of buckwheat, but a couple of extra pounds do not allow you to sleep peacefully at night — there’s a great way to solve it at once: add some of these most fat-burning foods into your daily diet! Fat burners must contain vitamin C, magnesium, iodine, taurine and methionine. … Continued

Try a tea drinking ritual for mindful moments

A cup of tea is often part of our daily routine – whether you take your black tea with milk to wake up, love a cup of mint tea before bed, or you prefer an iced tea to cool down on hot days. But often, you may not enjoy your tea as much as you … Continued

How to dress smart and impressive

Ever had that feeling that you don’t have a thing to wear? Sometimes we’re so inundated with choice, but it feels as though all our options are the same! Fear no more – in this post we shine a light on the darkest corners of your wardrobe to provide some simple dressing hacks for women … Continued

How to dress in Spring and Summer 2021?

The world’s fashion houses haven’t stopped creating and as the prospect of a sort-of normal summer awaits us, the newest trends for spring/summer 2021 have already begun to make a splash. These popular styles have wandered straight off the catwalk and into shops, just in time for the weather to get warmer and everyone to … Continued

Aries the most uncommon Zodiac sign?

Aries women are notoriously confident, courageous and optimistic in life. Aries’ main traits are that they radiate positivity and have a real zest for life. They are known for their fun and free-spirited way of life. These are definitely the people you want by your side at a party! The Aries Zodiac sign’s element is … Continued

Wondering how to shape your eyebrows?

Beauty trends are ever-evolving and recently, eyebrows have taken centre stage. Desirable brows have gone from the thin, sharp brow of the naughties to the fluffy, thick brow that can be seen all over Instagram. Whilst they are certainly a focus within the realms of makeup artists and runway models, many regular women and men … Continued

Farmhouse Dining Room

Our Connecticut dining room has finally come together in the most beautiful way! Many of you may remember we scored these wingback chairs at an estate sale for $7! They were hideous before – covered in a bright green fabric, and we had them reupholstered in this cream linen material. Thomas then sanded down the … Continued

Spring Style Q+A

I do an Instagram Story Q+A every week, and this week I decided to make it all about spring style. You submitted SO many amazing questions and I picked 15 to answer below! Spring Style Q+A Spring Style Advice What should I wear to a spring or summer wedding? This silky slip dress comes in … Continued