Is It Okay to Sleep in a Bra?

Since we got our first training bra, we’ve all heard the wives’ tales about whether sleeping in one is bad or good for health. From links to health concerns to preventative sagging, rumors pervade around whether or not it’s okay to sleep in a bra. Spoiler alert: It is, however, the deciding factor should be … Continued

Sustainable From Bean to Brew

As we approach the anniversary of launching Together Coffee, we wanted to take a little time out to talk about the lifespan of your coffee beans. While most of us only see the end result of products we purchase, it’s important when moving to a more sustainable lifestyle that we acknowledge the whole life cycle … Continued

3 Steps to Determine Sustainability in a Brand

Did anyone else learn just how many brands you were accidentally subscribed to when your inbox was filled to the brim with Earth Day deals this year? At first glance, this seems like a victory. If all these brands have sustainable products, is sustainable fashion finally in? The answer is more complicated than it seems. … Continued

5 Flattering Looks for the Petite Mommy-to-Be

Happy Mother’s Day to all you beautiful Mamas and Mamas-to-be! Today, we celebrate some of the most important women in our lives and everything they’ve done (and continue to do) to help make us who we are. Now, I may not be a mommy just yet, but when I do enter that chapter of my … Continued

How to Pick the Best Bathing Suits for Body Types

Finding the perfect swimwear for body types is a struggle pretty much everyone can relate to. Swimsuits can feel exposing. But, they can also be beautiful and help your confidence shine.  Moda Design District has put in the hours to create this helpful swimwear guide, so you don’t have to! We have found stylish suits … Continued

Your Wedding Week Checklist

So you’ve got your wedding suit fitted and ready to go – mission accomplished, right? Time to kick back and wait for the big day to arrive. Soon the reality kicks in: What do I wear for the rehearsal dinner? What about my honeymoon? As sharp as your day-of suit or tux is, it won’t … Continued

Textile Sourcing At This Year’s Best Textile Trade Shows 2021

If you are starting a sustainable and ethical fashion brand, then you need to be familiar with trade shows – or the trade show circuit as many of us industry pros call it. So, what exactly is a trade show? And, how important is going to textile trade shows for your startup fashion business? To … Continued

What is Cottagecore?

Cottagecore is a design aesthetic and lifestyle that idealizes cottage living and a return to agrarianism.

Last Week, The Best Dressed Stars Let The Fabric Do The Talking

Great style is all about the fit, details and being comfortable in your own skin. Last week, some of the most stylish African celebrities were intent on reminding us that sometimes all it takes to elevate an entire outfit is simply the right fabric and details that undeniably wow!  As the global pandemic begins to … Continued

Not-So-Skinny Jeans: 5 Best Alternatives to the Skinny + Where to Shop

I have to admit, I do like skinny jeans — even if the fashion gods have deemed skinnies “last year’s news.” But whether skinny jeans are trending or not, there’s a place in my closet, and yours too, for not-so-skinny jeans.   Not-so-skinny jeans are more versatile, more forgiving, more mature, and usually dressier than … Continued

What I’m Loving Now

I haven’t done one of these posts in a while, so I thought I would share a handful of things that I’m currently loving – some of these are spring fashion trends and some are things I’ve personally purchased and have been impressed with.  So, let’s get into it! BOUNDARIES BOOK I’ve shared before that … Continued

Tiered Looks For Spring

I’m thrilled to be partnering with Petal & Pup again to showcase some of their new arrivals for spring!  They are quickly becoming one of my favorite online boutiques and the pieces I selected this month make me so excited for the warmer weather! Tiered dresses & skirts are a big trend for the season, … Continued

Top It Off

With so many of us working remotely and logging onto Zoom on a regular basis, more than ever, this has been the year of the top.  While you can easily get away with wearing sweats or yoga pants on a video call, you have to keep it looking polished up on top.  So with the … Continued

Deals Under $25

There are so many great deals to be found this time of year, so it’s the perfect time for an affordable outfit round-up!  Below I’m sharing 12 easy spring outfit ideas featuring pieces that are all just $25 or less!  Whether you’re looking for work or weekend staples, I’ve got you covered with these versatile … Continued

Sephora Spring Sale

Sephora’s Spring Savings Event is happening now and today it’s open to all Beauty Insider levels (if you’re not already a part of the program, you can sign up for free here).  Rogue members get 20% off, VIB’s get 15% off & Insiders get 10% off from thru 4/19 with code OMGSPRING + you’ll get free … Continued