Dogs are very affectionate and humble creatures that mature quite quickly, making them ideal pets for kids. There are several other pet choices for kids starting from hamsters to birds, fishes, and rabbits. 

But, puppies top the favorite kid’s pet list due to the similar trends they share with the kids, like curious and playful nature and their abundant cuteness. Dogs not only serve as great pets but also inspire the children to grow with them. 

A special bond with dogs

Children often show their love for the new dogs or pet puppies by naming them with love. Most kids use the name of their favorite eatables, movie shows, or toys, while some kids choose country names depending on the breed. It could be Norway dog names or maybe French names. features lots of short and sweet Norweign name lists for dogs and cats that you must take a look at.

Children develop a special bond with dogs rather than any other pets because dogs are more caring than other pet animals. Dogs generally love to be around humans, especially kids, as they give undivided attention to the dogs, cuddling and snuggling with them for hours tirelessly, without expecting anything in return. 

Teaches sharing 

The special bond between the kids and dogs teach the kids to share their things automatically. Even the most attention savvy kids, who refuse to share anything with their siblings, make space for the puppies in their bed, lap, and heart. They share their eatables and playthings with the dogs reluctantly at first and then willingly. 

The dogs also tend to be gentler around the kids than their adult pet owners as they share the same innocence and playful nature of the kids. Even short-tempered dogs stay calm when they get bothered by kids because they are willing to share their personal space with the kids without resistance. 

Obedience imitation

Kids, especially toddlers, do what they see and imitate everything around them, from their mother’s habits to pet mannerisms. Having an obedient dog around the kids will be very beneficial as they will quickly pick up on the dog’s nature to please people.

Most kids with slight learning disorders or other issues like autism show improvement if given a therapy dog because they tend to pick up some of the dog’s good qualities subconsciously. 

Hence, most of the kid books and training videos showcase a dog performing gimmicks and funny tasks. The kids think they can do it if the show’s dog can perform specific tasks and start trying.

Hours of outdoor exercise 

Modern lifestyle gives the kids very little time to spend outdoors, and the safety risks reduce this time even further. Having an energetic dog in the house will enable the kids to play out for hours. A simple stick or a ball is enough to keep them both engaged for a long time, enjoying each other’s company. 

The kids run around with the dogs till both are extremely tired and both get enough exercise and fresh air. And the best part is, they use the streets, terrace or the available space instead of searching for huge parks and secure outdoors. 

Better immune system with fewer allergies 

Dr. June McNicholas’s research examined the saliva of 138 kids less than 11 years and concluded kids with dogs in their home had fewer allergies. The immune system of children with furry pets adapts better to the fur, fleas, and other allergens.

The constant exposure to dogs since their birth strengthens their immune system against certain types of sinus and allergies, preventing them from getting asthma and other breathing problems for a long time. 

The researchers credit the mental security and the comforting companionship the dog provides for the kid’s robust immune system. They also say the kid’s body develops resistance against allergies due to constant exposure.

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