Dogs are extraordinary creatures that can love their owner unconditionally without expecting anything from them. In return, most dog owners flaunt their love for their dogs by purchasing expensive stuff for them and pampering them with tasty treats. 

There are many smart ways to show your love for a dog in addition to training it to impress friends and family. Making the dogs dress like the owner’s favorite hero, heroine, and buying them things representing the owner’s interest, like a bike shaped dog toy, are some examples. 

Interesting names 

Naming the dogs to reflect the dog owner’s biggest addiction like movies, video game characters, or favorite character names is smart to show how close the dog is to their heart. If you are a coffee lover, use attractive coffee dog names like Melitta, Caramel, Java, Kona, Capucine, etc., for your dog. has many 50 dog name lists related to dragons, eatables, drama names, and many more. Check for exciting names and choose a meaningful name close to your heart to name your beloved dog. 

Special monograms 

Using monograms in dog collars, beds, towels, and bowls is common, and there are numerous costly ways to do it. Combining the first letter of the dog owner’s name and the dog’s name to create a double monogram is the latest trend. Combining the dog’s name and the owner’s name to create a new trendy term is quite popular these days. 

For example, Nikita (owner name) and Rock (dog name) give Roni, or Niro, to print on all dog accessories and some of the owner’s items like their mobile cover, t-shirts, etc. Printing such names along with the owner and dog’s photo is also very common and self-explanatory. 

Use technology 

Keeping the dogs safe is the best way to show you love them and will protect them no matter what. Use the latest technology like high-quality pet cameras to help you look at the dog from your mobile anytime. Advance pet cameras give 160-degree coverage of the room enabling you to see your dog clearly from any part of the room when it is left alone. 

A loving or soothing message now and then through the speakers installed in the room will make the dog feel you are watching it even though it is left alone. Use GPS tracker embedded dog belts as new dogs and small puppies tend to wander off easily. 

Selecting safe toys 

Finding the best dog toys is a great way to keep the dogs engaged and show them how much your treasure their playtime. Always avoid plastic or hard rubber toys that might break and choke your dog if it is biting on it too hard. Tug-a-war ropes are not suitable for teething puppies, and cheap, rough toys will often wound the dogs’ jaws. 

It is best to purchase high-quality plush toys that won’t tear up easily. Many good subscription box services send a couple of plush toys, and some chew toys, and excellent treats to your doorstep every month. Use them to gift your special dog treats and safe toys every single month. 

Pet robot vacuum cleaner

Spending time with the dog is the biggest favor it expects from its new owner. Having to clean up repeatedly on the dog until it is well-trained can be a tiresome task for new pet owners. Invest in a good robot vacuum cleaner designed specifically for pets that use advanced AI features combined with the stereoscopic vision to clean after pet fur, poop, drools, and other bodily wastes. 

Just activate the mopping facility and sit back and enjoy playing with your dog while the circular disc cleans your floors for hours without interrupting your precious playtime or making you tired of constant cleaning.

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