Handsome is as handsome does, but while not everyone can look like a movie star, men have to know when to go smart or casual. True, for work, there might be a strict dress code, with no jeans being allowed except for casual Fridays. 

The confident, successful alpha male knows how to dress up or down as they see fit for a particular event. Whether they’re meeting all the top bosses or going on a first date, they know how to dress to be appreciated and noticed.  

Jewellery for trendsetters

Whatever the occasion, wearing the right clothes and Jewellery is key to stylish dressing. Guys can shine with some pieces of Jewellery that simply put them ahead in the style stakes. Traditional Jewellery such as cufflinks and watches can be exquisite and unique and in many trendy styles and colors. 

At Kuberbox, Jewellery has been carefully and skillfully made from a diverse range of metals and stones. As a fine Jewellery brand, you can bet that a gold pendant for men comes in different styles and designs. Pendants can be anything you can think of really, from zodiac pendants to gold name pendants, to religious pendants, heart pendants, photo lockets, and anything else you can imagine. 

Kuberbox has a huge catalog so you can find your favorite Jewellery from a trusted source. They offer Jewellery with full disclosure and accountability, as well as a 30-day free exchange policy. 

Time for tees

Relaxation goes a long way with the alpha male who enjoys cool, comfy shorts in the latest styles for a laid-back weekend. The alpha male may go into weekend mode but never slackens on style. 

Their weekend wardrobe is always ready and waiting with fashion tees, jeans and shorts and a cool earring. When it comes to earrings, maybe it’s a simple gold stud or a stud with diamonds. This earring style was made famous by the English soccer player, David Beckham.

It could be a pirate hoop-style earring, too, as there really is no hard and fast rule when it comes to earring choice. Most men want a subtle earring, while others want something more bold and dramatic.

Classic styles and timepieces

Guys with good taste like to wear clothes that complement their build. Knowing if you can wear skinny jeans is an art as not every guy can pull them off. The trick for men is to dress according to their assets – strong lean-and-mean legs with a tight butt are designed for skinny jeans

Color is also key and it isn’t wise to wear shades that don’t suit you just because they’re in fashion. Wear pieces of Jewellery that suit the occasion. Cufflinks, gold chains and watches have always been viewed as more masculine, and the alpha man loves a watch worn with every outfit and for every occasion. 

Which stylish man doesn’t love a classic timepiece, and there are so many choices in terms of sporty options or smartwatches from leading brands. 

Investing in style

The alpha male is always confident and he knows how to choose clothes and accessories that brighten up his life. He is always sure of himself, even when he pushes the boundaries a bit. 

Whether working, attending a funeral or wedding, or roughing it over the weekends, the alpha male has an appropriate dress-code for any event. Most like to keep their clothes and their Jewellery modest, knowing exactly when they are over-accessorizing. 

Whether selecting a watch, cufflinks, earrings, chain, rings or pendants, the alpha male knows how to tastefully accessorize with their outfits so that each piece compliments the entire look. 

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