Around the world, there are many people who can’t quite wrap their heads around dressing their dogs in clothes. However, there are lots of people who can… and do. And it seems that there are no limits that they won’t exceed to make sure their fur baby is en flique. 

Pet fashion design is a quickly growing international market. Designers can sell their products internationally when they have websites and online shops. Whereas it was once a market regarded as obscure, pet fashion design has entered the mainstream market. 

The majority of pet owners who dress their animals up are proud ‘parents’ of dogs. Whether large, medium or small, people are buying multiple outfits for their precious pooches. Cat owners have joined in, determined not to be left behind their canine counterparts.

Where did it all begin? 

Believe it or not, the first doggy fashions were created for dogs who feel the cold. Designers started making jerseys for them from wool and polar fleece. The jerseys are easy to put on and get off. They also wash well, which is convenient for those who own playful pups who enjoy sloshing around in the rain. 

From then to now 

As people took their dogs out walking, they paraded their pooches in their jerseys. Soon, designers began to see a market for dog fashion that extended well beyond the functional jersey. So, they began designing other outfits that weren’t so much made for practical purposes, but more for aesthetics. Doggies started appearing on the street with their owners, sporting T-shirts in the summertime. Cute fabric designs and sassy slogans were the order of the day. 

The minds behind many of today’s dog outfits began exploring more options. People were thinking well outside the box, coming up with interesting apparel for dog owners to spend their money on. 

The results have been astounding. You need only refer to the internet to see dogs in Halloween costumes, patterned Christmas jerseys, and adorable raincoats. Think of the adorable videos of dogs dressed as witches, Santa’s elves, and fairies. The outfits are sometimes breathtakingly intricate and require a lot of work to assemble. They are made to be comfortable and easy to dress the dog in. 

Another popular line of designs is the T-shirts of popular sports teams so that both owner and canine can dress alike on match days. They have been the subject of millions of selfies uploaded to different social media platforms. These T-shirts have been around for many years, yet they remain a firm favorite among dog owners. 

The rise and rise of dog fashion 

How is it that canine couture has become such a massive market? It seems that the answer lies in three distinct areas. 

The first is that the number of pet owners around the world is growing. The dog is by far the most popular pet, making it the obvious subject of pet fashion designs. 

The second is that the role of the dog in the home has changed. No longer regarded as needed for security purposes, dogs are now regarded as ‘members of the family’. For many people, pets serve as a substitute for children. Most couples use owning a pet as a precursor to having a child. 

The third reason is the increased disposable income for many of the world’s citizens. They have more money to spend on luxuries, including canine apparel. 

Whatever the reason, doggie designs are here to stay. With increasing attention paid to dog fashion, expect to see more runway shows and lines of outrageous haute couture creations. Get in on the fun by finding the perfect fashion piece for your beloved four-legged fur baby therapist.

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