It sounds like the name of a fighter jet, so no surprise that the B1 Hellcat from Bozeman is inspired by the infamous F6F Hellcat of WWII, a U.S. Naval fighter plane that proved to be the most successful in aircraft history. Bozeman’s latest timepiece, a blend of modern and vintage style, features 25 Jewel Swiss movement, 28,800 BPD and water resistant to 330 ft.

The Bozeman B1 Hellcat was nicknamed the “Wildcat’s Big Brother,” and of course Montana – home state of the watchmaker – has more than its share of wildcats, namely the revered student athletes, the Montana State Hellcats hockey team.

If you’re going to build a sleek timepiece inspired by a legendary fighter plane, Bozeman picked a damn good one with the F6F Hellcat; the aircraft successfully brought down 5,271 enemy fighters in the second half of WWII. That right there alone demands a cool watch to commemorate it’s aviation awesomeness.

This watch, with its big, terrific dial, has a robust pre-production pricing of $4,600. The first 200 B1 Hellcat watches will be part of a limited edition for 2011. The Bozeman B1 Hellcat wristwatch sure aint cheap, but damn it looks nice. [via acquire]

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