If there is one accessory that has become an essential item the world over, it is a facemask. Since these items have become so popular, and in many cases necessary, the variety has blossomed. 

As with anything in life, different people have different preferences, whether these preferences are born from personal beliefs, aesthetics, or practicality. 

However, if there is one facemask that stands out above the rest, it is a natural facemask. These masks can be manufactured in any style or size, but the main benefit lies in the material itself. Here are the main benefits of using a natural face mask above other masks. 

Reusable materials

Natural face masks are typically made from cotton which is typically organically sourced. Although some types are commercially produced, a quality natural facemask is made from a sustainable source of natural and organic cotton. 

These masks are reusable and can either be hand-washed or machine washed. This means that it is never necessary to buy masks in bulk as they can be rotated easily. One in the wash and one on the face means that your masks will also stay fresh.    

Different styles

Natural face masks are extremely versatile and they come in many shapes and styles. As the masks became more popular over the year, people also showed that a one-size-fits-all approach would not work. Optimally Organic took it upon themselves to make a wide variety of quality cotton masks available in many different styles. 

They even have organic string tie face masks in their catalog. It does not matter whether you are a child or a grandparent, they have something for everyone. Apart from the styles that people have adapted, cotton or natural masks allow you to decorate the fabric with any graphic as well. 


Natural face masks do not leave a massive carbon footprint. With more and more people needing face masks, there is also now a new pollutant to take care of. Disposable face masks have a significant impact on the environment and a sustainable and eco-friendly alternative is natural and biodegradable. 

Whether you choose to use a hemp or cotton mask, you know that when the time comes to discard your mask, it will not do any harm to the environment. The environmental impact of disposable masks are yet to be determined, but when something is made from synthetic materials, the chances are there that the environment will take a hit.  


Although natural masks are generally a bit more expensive than single-use or disposable masks in the long run, they work out much cheaper. Disposable masks usually come in bulk boxes and these boxes are not always less expensive. The problem is that once they are done, you have to run the expense again. 

Natural masks can be used over and over and one can get a lot more uses out of a single mask than from a box of disposable. It would be penny wise and pound foolish to look at the initial cost and base your decision thereon. 


Let’s face it, a face mask that irritates your face is not great. If you are going to walk around with one, it should at least be comfortable to wear. Natural cotton masks are easy on the face and do not tend to chafe the wearer. 

Combine a natural mask with a head string tie and you will easily forget that you are even wearing a mask. The fabric is soft and molds to your face, which means that it not only looks good and comfortable but that it is made for longer wearing times. 

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