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Volkswagen Scirocco Special Edition "Remis"

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The sporty Volkswagen Scirocco, a top star in this year's Wörthersee tour,  just emanates fun. It's the type of car that just begs you to get in the driver's seat and push it to the limit on a tight, winding course or road. Seeing even more potential in the vehicle, tuners at the Munich-based HS Motorsport have juiced it up significantly and made a special edition version called the...

VW Bluesport Roadster Concept Revealed in Detroit

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At this year's NAIAS in Detroit, Volkswagen had a little surprise for us rabid sportscar fans. Their Bluesport Roadster concept is a mid-engined, diesel-powered sportscar that charms with its exquisite exterior and detailed two-seater cockpit.  This sportscar isn't so much a machine built for speed, but economy.  Sharing its platform with the forthcoming Porsche 914, it should be motivated...