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MonPot, Your Plant Needs Watering!

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Julien Bergignat is a young French industrial designer that is trying to "cheat" nature in a smart fashion. Her latest work is a stylish potholder dubbed MonPot, that features an integrated rotating timer to remind when you should water that special plant of yours. Depending on the season, conditions and the type of plant, you can customize it and set the duration from one day to a whole week....

Lamp by Julien Bergignat: Like a Minimal, Modern Torch

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Young French industrial designer Julien Bergignat has a special talent for mixing technology with modern style. After the Tima Watch we covered some time ago, here's a new concept of a daring, stylish lamp. Clad in stainless steel and aluminum with a black finish, the "Lamp" is a brilliant concept defined by portability. Detachable from its base, the lamp looks like a modern torch that runs on...

The Tima Watch - Two Display Types to Choose From

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With a very futuristic design, Tima is a watch that allows you to choose between the classic analog (albeit digitally presented) and a digital display. Work of Julien Bergignat, the stylish watch is made of glass, aluminum, leather and e-paper - which helps displaying characters on a curved surface just like ordinary ink on paper.  The watch also features two timezones options, allowing you...