How to Find Success on Spotify

How to Find Success on Spotify

Streaming services – they might not make you rich, but they’ll help you get your name out there. That is, of course, unless your name is already out there, and you’re capable of sporting millions upon millions of plays of your tracks — the Ed Sheeran’s of the world sure can make money using Spotify and similar services.

But while you’re dreaming big dreams and using services like the ones you can find here to boost your footprint on the platform, you still need a solid strategy to develop your Spotify profile. At the very least, you need a couple of added ways to make your story on Spotify a successful one.

Here are a couple of more things you can try out and combine until you reach something that works for you.

Create for Spotify

Spotify might not have an official guide as to how to create music that goes well with its service, but people have noticed that some things work better than others. Shorter songs get you more plays. Long albums can carry more of those short songs.

You want to be able to hook the listener fairly quickly. Your song needs to offer something unique and interesting in the first thirty seconds or so. Remember that you’re trying to get people with short attention spans to listen to your music. Don’t beat around the bush – cut to the chase and go straight for the head.

Broaden Your Horizons

You might be fixated on Spotify for your success because you’ve heard something awesome about the streaming service, and that’s great. But whether you think Spotify is the best place online for your music or not, you should certainly know that it’s not the only one.

The fact of the matter is that Spotify has a lot of services and platforms competing with it. Even if you plan to focus on Spotify, you should get your music to as many of those other platforms as possible. You want to have a presence, and your presence is much more powerful if it spreads across several websites than if it’s just a local Spotify “thing.”

Start Working the Industry People

Okay, you can’t start dealing with A&R people right away, but you will get there soon enough. In the meantime, you want to grab the attention of the people who have an audience – either on their merit or because they work for an influential publisher.

Don’t be surprised that a journalist or a blogger can help you further your Spotify career. Their voices are ones that are heard far away, and if they have something at all to say about you, that can be awesome. If they’re saying something nice, it’s even better.

Create Good Playlists

Playlists have become such an important thing on Spotify that they merit an article of their own just to explain how to ensure that yours are good. If you’re not sure what they are, find a crash course ASAP and get to creating one.

Or twelve because you never want to have fewer public playlists than that. Really pay attention to the quality of the tracks you put in there, as they’ll tell loads about you whether you like it or not. And don’t be squeamish about pressing that “share” button. You have to hustle at least a bit if you want to find success on Spotify. And you certainly need to keep at it until it happens.

Important Medical Tests and Treatment for Seniors Above 65

Once you reach the age of 65, many things start to change and most of these changes concern your health. For example, some seniors might start being exposed to conditions such as hypertension, diabetes, and other illnesses, including Alzheimer’s. 

Although there is no surefire way of completely preventing these health conditions, identifying them earlier on can help treat them better and more efficiently. To identify these issues early on, testing should be at the top of medical services offered to seniors:

Periodontal tests

Periodontal tests are very important for seniors because of all the medication they take, such as antidepressants, antihistamines, diuretics, and so forth. Despite the importance of dental care for seniors because of this higher risk caused by medication and other treatment plans, Medicare still does not cover periodontal tests. 

According to Russell Noga, the founder of Medisupps, Medicare supplement plans 2021 offer comprehensive coverage in this regard and you can find out more directly from his website The coverage can help seniors get treatment for their teeth, get X-ray inspections including the mouth, gum, and throat checkups. These preventative measures can help find and eliminate problems before they get bigger.

Relevant vaccinations

Vaccinations are very important, even for seniors. There is a variety of vaccinations seniors should still get and it includes the pneumococcal vaccine. This vaccine can help seniors prevent pneumonia, meningitis, endocarditis, inner ear infections, sinusitis, and other infections. 

Another vaccine that is important for seniors over the age of 60 is shingle vaccinations. There are other vaccinations seniors should ensure they get periodically to prevent conditions that can worry them. Seniors should thus make time to get these vaccinations on time to prevent larger problems that could occur.

Hearing checkup

Amongst other common health problems for senior citizens, they are at higher risk of having hearing problems. This is a natural part of aging but sometimes the cause could be an infection or other underlying condition. 

Seniors should then have an audiogram every 2 to 3 years to determine if they need treatment of any kind. During the audiogram, patients are tested hearing using different sound intensity levels and pitches. 

If hearing loss has been discovered, a specialist can treat the problem. The treatment specialists provide depends greatly on what is causing this problem and its severity.

Bone density scan

Discovering medical conditions caused by low bone density, such as osteoporosis in senior citizens, is critical. As the human body ages, bone density generally decreases and this condition is mostly present in women. 

Hence a periodic bone density scan is crucial for women over the age of 65. Men should also take this scan because they are also prone to developing lower bone density over time. 

A bone density scan will measure the mass of the bones, which indicates musculoskeletal strength. If a bone deficiency is detected, a doctor might recommend taking calcium supplements or follow another treatment protocol prescribed.

Thyroid-stimulating hormone screening

The thyroid gland, which regulates metabolic rates in a human body, may generate fewer hormones that are not enough. Lower thyroid might lead to metabolic issues that could cause weight gain and sluggishness. In some cases, not enough hormones could cause achiness and even erectile dysfunction with men.

 A senior can request a thyroid screening and all that is required is drawing blood and testing it. That screening could determine whether or not a senior’s thyroid is functioning properly. If not, a doctor can recommend relevant supplements to help stimulate the thyroid for it to function properly again. 

How Network Marketing Benefits Your Business

Network marketing is by no means a new phenomenon, but with the development of the internet, it has taken on a new form. Back in the day, independent contractors and non-salaried individuals would sell a company’s products and get a commission for their efforts. 

E-commerce has changed the game and now, network marketing is one of the key ways in which manufacturing companies increase their sales. But you will have to learn online business skills if you want to get into the game. 

Nevertheless, if you feel that network marketing is a strategy that can work for you, then look no further. Here are three ways in which it can benefit your company. 

Shared knowledge equals opportunities

As the saying goes, two heads are better than one. Network marketing is the ideal platform to share ideas to gain knowledge. Whether you are asking for advice, or just taking tips from other people, it is always a good idea to expand your knowledge and broaden your horizons. 

Too often, we get consumed by our own way of doing things that we miss the opportunities that are staring us in the face. When you are open to network marketing, you allow a space for innovation to take place. 

It often happens that you end up conversing with someone who has been in your shoes. These guys are all too willing to share their knowledge and help you avoid common pitfalls. 

As you continue to network, the natural flow of connections and opportunities also arise. Formal education can tell you the benefits of network marketing, but when it is experienced first-hand, it becomes part of a strategy and not just an idea to try out. 

Network marketing is very rewarding in that new opportunities can come out of nowhere. Whether it is a referral or a request for a product, these opportunities would go begging if not for networking.

Connections raise your profile is a leading website that offers pets guest post services to boost your website’s SEO. According to them, when it comes to network marketing, it is easy to forget that it is not just you who is looking for a partner or an opportunity to grow. There are hundreds of other companies with the exact same drive and intention and just so much as you are there to gain exposure and build connections, so are they. 

The people you talk to might not always be the people you end up doing business with. When your product or service made an impact on one of your new connections, they might very well refer you to a new client or another business who would like to invest in yours. The one thing that you should remember is that the one hand washes the other and just as your name gets shared, you should do the same. 

In doing so, you will reap the reward of a much healthier profile. More and more people will start to take notice of you when you attend networking events and spread the love. When you are helpful towards others, they will also look kindly onto your business.

Combined knowledge to grow

Ultimately, one of the biggest advantages of network marketing is the knowledge that one gains. The success of a business is mostly measured in the turnover that it produces, but it is the knowledge of the market and the healthy competition that drives the sales of it all. 

The more knowledge you gain about every aspect of your industry, including who your opposition is, then you have the means to make informed business decisions and build your company faster. The better you know the industry, the better you will also be able to plan your next move of expansion.  

The Importance of Parental Control While Schools Are Closed

The COVID-19 pandemic has led to many schools closing and parents have been faced with the prospect of home-schooling their children. Ideally, teachers are providing lessons, either online or on paper, to help meet their academic needs. However, children have many other needs too. 

They need to socialize with their peers, get exercise and more. When it comes to the challenge of exercising parental control, it is important to know how much responsibility a child can handle and where to step in and monitor behavior more carefully. 

Keeping a consistent schedule

Children thrive on predictability and routine, both of which may be lacking for them right now with the disruption to their normal school life. Sticking to a routine similar to one followed at school will help not only while schools are closed but with the transition back to schools when they open again. 

Try to keep the same morning and bedtime routines and have meals at the same time each day. If more than one adult is working from home, it may be helpful to coordinate schedules so one or the other can be responsible for monitoring the children at different times.   

Being social the right way

Children need to interact with their peers. Platforms like Google Hangouts and Zoom allow children to stay connected to family and friends and avoid feeling lonely. Social media also provides ways to interact but parents need to monitor virtual interactions. Increased online access heightens safety risks. 

If children want to use social media platforms, parents should make them aware of how they work and what they need to be aware of. They need to establish rules about access to the internet, such as how, when and where to use it. Setting up parental controls on devices can mitigate the risks, particularly for young users. 

Installing the SpyFone mobile tracker on a child’s cell phone enables parents to keep watch over the child. They can access the control panel 24/7 to view information and see with whom children are chatting. With the reverse phone look-up feature, they are able to see who owns a phone number.

Using screen time productively

Concerns about screen time have arisen during this time, especially as children are using virtual classrooms and online learning programs. Concerns about too much screen time are valid when it consists of just passively watching the screen. However, using technology the right way can encourage problem-solving and creativity.

Technology can really help parents at this time, especially when trying to work from home as well as care for children. Today it is possible to create a whole roster of online classes for children and even find highly rated online teachers who know just how to keep children engaged. Children can even explore interests they do not have time for in the normal school curriculum.  

Parents can allow their children to play video games as long as they monitor the time spent playing them. Playing games provides a way for children to connect and play with friends while they are not able to play together in the real world.  

Having open conversations

Maintaining honest and open communication with children is the best way to ensure that they cope with the current pandemic and even thrive during this time. Parents need to listen attentively to their children and acknowledge their feelings and their fears. 

Drawing, telling stories and other activities can help to open up discussions about what is happening. Children will talk freely if they feel they are in a safe environment. The more they communicate, the better the chances of parents being aware of their concerns and helping them to deal with them. 

Buying Products and Services Online

People enjoy shopping online because it is convenient. Travel time is saved, together with the effort and energy spent on driving and walking around, and waiting in queues. With a quick input of payment and delivery details (once-off per store), shoppers can take care of luxury and necessity purchases in minutes. 

Online shopping has increased phenomenally in recent years as shoppers have learned of the many benefits involved in this process. Here are a few of the many benefits online shoppers can enjoy.

Confidence in product reviews

Shoppers can search for their desired products, and read through online reviews from other customers. Some of these reviews are provided by individual shoppers who want to share their experiences with other customers. Others are on demand reviews that are provided by Nifty Nev, an innovative concept where the site uses professionals to evaluate the product or their shopping experience.

Customers request Nifty Nev on to review products on their behalf. The object of Nifty Nev is to deliver honest comments regarding their experience of a particular product. 

Shoppers can request Know It All Nev to review a specific product or products, or request them to select their own for review. Honest responses are then used to help online shoppers make a choice as to which product or brands they wish to purchase.

Comparison shopping

Online shoppers can also enjoy the benefits of hunting around for best prices on the internet. A few simple searches will reveal whether there are significant differences between prices, or whether these are minimal. 

Customers can then choose secondary services that suit their preferences. One store may offer a point system to collect toward later discounts, an extended product warranty or a quicker delivery time than a competitor.

The advantage of shopping online is that customers can quickly determine which store will provide them with the best prices, discounts, warranties, delivery times and customer services. 

A different product style or model or color may be available at one store, but not another. Online shopping activities benefit customers in that they can make quick product choices to get the product that they want, and as soon as they want it.

Security and Privacy

Payment systems online are extremely secure. This gives customers the confidence they need when using credit or debit cards to make purchases online. 

No one wants their private banking details shared with marketers or other companies, so it is reassuring to know that the store they use respects this privacy. Also, financial security is a major concern when shopping online. Knowing that a store uses a reputable company to protect their payment details is highly important.

Online shopping is beneficial when it comes to protecting customer privacy. Some products are best purchased online than in person for personal reasons. 

Customers can purchase the items that they want online, without fear of being embarrassed. Shopping in person for sensitive purchases is the opposite because everyone sees what you’re buying, including those at the till and in the queue.

Save money

Customers can often save money when shopping online. Several stores offer cheaper prices on products that are purchased online because it saves them labor hours. 

Loads of business savings are also accumulated in terms of admin costs for businesses when customers make online purchases. This is why many businesses encourage online purchases because of mutual savings and convenience.

Because businesses also save costs on online purchases, they often pass these savings on to customers in the way of discounts. 

Other promotions tend to be available for regular purchases online per customer, leading to even further money savings. Product prices are offered exclusively at lower rates online at times, which translates to more savings for online shoppers.

Got Water Damage? Here Are the Factors That Hike Up the Repair Costs

The excitement of buying a new home is a feeling that is not surpassed by many others. Sure, buying a car is exciting, or getting a new pet is great, but when you buy a house, you invest in memories and a future. 

The sad part is that these feelings of elation and excitement often get quashed when the maintenance bills start piling up. One of the most dreaded maintenance costs is water damage. 

Some people come off rather lightly, but for others, the news of water damage is dream shattering. So, what are the factors the influence the repair costs of water damage?

The size of the damaged area

One of the biggest factors that influence the repair costs of water damage is the size of the area that was damaged. No one ever asks for disaster to strike and most people are not prepared for when it does. 

If you are one of the lucky few, the damage might not be that severe, but in most cases, the water damage is quite severe. This is because the disaster often strikes when the residents are not home. The water then has a chance to spread and wreak havoc wherever it goes. Kansas City water damage restoration service does water damage restoration and part of their service is determining how far the damage spread. 

Where you live matters

A factor that is often overlooked is your physical location. Some areas are more expensive than others. Paying for water damage repairs in California vs Kansas are two different things. 

Apart from the state that you live in, if your house is located on a remote piece of land, it might also be more expensive. Mold remediation companies have to take all their tools and materials to the site and if extra plans need to be made, it will add to the repair costs. 

Removing excess water

When there is still water that needs to be removed, the costs also become higher. Although there might be a tradeoff in that the water did not have time to penetrate that deep yet, it needs to be cleared nonetheless. 

Extra equipment like water pumps, moisture-absorbent materials and other dehumidifying equipment needs to be used before that damage can be repaired.

Only after the area is completely dry and free of moisture can the repair work begin. If the water did not penetrate the surface, then the actual repair cost might not be that high, but the opposite is also true. 

What surfaces need restoration

The materials that need to be restored often make up the bulk of the repair costs. One can imagine that replacing a synthetic carpet is not as expensive as replacing a 100% wool or fur carpet. 

On the other hand, the labor costs involved in dealing with certain materials also have an influence. Generally, it is much easier to replace hardwood floors, which means that labor costs are much cheaper than replacing a carpet. 

When mold creeps in

It often happens that mold is a secondary development due to water damage. When mold is not treated with swiftly, it can lead to other health hazards as well. Unfortunately, when mold is part of the repair package, the costs climb considerably. 

Not only do the damaged materials need to be replaced, but the mold also needs to be dealt with. The problem is that the mold can spread to unseen areas. It might require some extra breaking and hammering to get to the affected areas. To prevent these extra costs from accumulating, always treat mold immediately. 

What Skills do You Need to Be a Fashion Industry Manager?

The fashion industry continues to grow beyond the expectations of experts. It seems that there is no end to consumers’ hunger for new fashion products and the trends keep changing every year. As a result, it’s no wonder that people are turning to the industry in search of employment. 

While a lot of people associate the fashion industry with designers and glamorous models, there’s far more to it than that. A lot of work behind the scenes goes into supporting the giant that is the fashion industry. 

For those looking to make a success of a career as a manager in the fashion industry, these are the skills you need: 

  1. Communication skills

The fashion industry is centered around people. It involves people right from the conception of the product right to the end-user. A manager who cannot communicate well with others will find themselves at a disadvantage in the fashion industry. 

A manager must fulfill a particular function in the organization. People work under the manager, doing different tasks that accomplish this. For example, a financial manager has bookkeepers and accountants working under them. 

A manager must be able to communicate with employees. It goes beyond being able to speak the same language. This can be a challenge alone as most huge fashion companies have bases in countries around the world. However, a manager needs to have the communication skills to tell employees what is expected and give them feedback afterward. 

  1. Planning skills 

The fashion shows we see on TV seem to have been so effortlessly put together. The truth is that they require a lot of planning. Managers are put in charge of various projects, which they must see through from beginning to end. 

For Project Management Professional certification, candidates write a certified exam which demonstrates their project management skills. PMP exam prep provides sample questions they should expect. 

Planning requires a lot of detailed information. This ranges from budgets to timelines and task breakdowns. Milestones are set with deadlines, and they must be adhered to for the project to proceed. 

The manager oversees all these processes to make sure the project is successful. Managers should be able to see the big picture when it comes to project planning and then be able to break it down into manageable chunks. 

  1. Time management and problem-solving skills

The fashion industry is time-sensitive. If there are too many delays, the end-product will go out of fashion. This can mean multi-million-dollar losses for the company. 

The manager will encounter obstacles and challenges that threaten their progress as they work toward meeting their goals. A good manager can identify the problem, define potential solutions, and choose the best one. 

An even better manager can troubleshoot potential problems and solve them before they even occur. This saves time and money, which is essential for the industry’s growth. 

  1. Leading skills

Given the fast-paced environment in the fashion industry, any manager worth their salt needs to have leadership skills. With dozens, or even hundreds, of people working under them, the manager needs to steer the ship. This means inspiring the confidence of others. 

A good manager knows what the task requires and how to get the people working under them to work as a unit. It requires the manager to set goals for employees and monitor their achievement. 

A manager must also be able to mentor and coach employees to help them reach their full potential. Giving feedback is another vital component of leadership. There are times the manager must provide employees with negative feedback. Being able to do so directly yet diplomatically defines a manager as a leader.

Dealing With Cold-Weather Workouts

Unless you’re lucky enough to live in a tropical climate, you’ll most likely find yourself faced with the prospect of exercising in the cold at some point. Maybe you don’t have access to an indoor gym, or you prefer getting your fitness on in the fresh (albeit frosty) air. Either way, there’s no reason to let frigid temperatures freeze your progress toward your goals. Whether your activity of choice is running, walking, biking or hiking, there’s no reason you can’t enjoy the great outdoors all year round—with some modifications, of course.

Dr. Tim Miller, director of the endurance medicine program at The Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center, works with Olympians and other elite athletes who train and compete in sub-zero weather. Using his smart strategy recommendations, you’ll learn how to properly warm up and stay safe no matter how low the temperatures dip outside.

The Importance of the Warmup

Whether it’s 90 or nine degrees, never underestimate the importance of the warmup. Taking a few moments to prep your body for activity helps to increase the flow of blood, oxygen and nutrients to the muscles, giving them the energy they need for the demands you’re about to place upon them. A proper warmup prepares the heart for exertion, allowing the blood pressure to rise gradually instead of spiking. It also helps to prevent injury to the tissues and joints, among other bodily benefits.

Add cold weather to the mix and Dr. Miller says the warmup becomes even more essential. “Cold temperatures lead to tight muscles and stiff joints, which put soft tissues, particularly the tendons, at higher risk for strains and tears,” he says. He adds that it’s especially important for athletes with exercise-induced bronchospasm (EIB), also known as exercise-induced asthma, to do a slow and comprehensive warmup. “Cold temperatures put athletes with reactive airway disease at an increased risk for triggering coughing from bronchospasm.”

When warming up, try to engage in a few minutes of the same type of activity you’ll be doing during the main event, but at a lower and slower intensity. For example, if your goal is to jog five miles, start out at a brisk walk or easy jog before going all out. It’s also a good idea to perform a few stretches to loosen up cold muscles.

Tips and Tricks for Exercising in the Cold

  • Layer up. There’s a reason this age-old advice to layer up keeps popping up: It works. dressing in thin, breathable layers is key to any successful cold-weather workout. “It is important to have all skin and appendages covered when going out to train in the cold, but the layers should not have you feeling overly warm or hot when you leave your house,” he says. “If you are going out for a run, your body will heat up and likely be sweating within just a few minutes, even if the temperature is below freezing.” As your body temperature rises, you can peel off external layers. Consider wearing a small sports backpack or cinch sack so you can stow articles of clothing as you shed them.
  • Use the wind to your advantage. If you’re headed outside for a chilly run, running into the wind at the beginning and then with the wind at your back on the way home. This allows you to minimize the amount of moisture (sweat) against your body, which helps to keep your body temperature from dropping. As a bonus, having the wind behind you provides a boost during the last portion of your run or workout, when your energy may be dwindling.
  • Be patient. Your first frigid fitness sessions may have you dreaming of a warm blanket and roaring fire, but they’ll likely become more bearable as you get used to the frosty temps.
  • Stay hydrated. Water is probably the last thing on your mind when you’re shivering your way through a snowy 5K, but experts agree that it’s still important to drink up in cold temperatures. Even if you don’t feel hot and sweaty, you’re still losing fluids that need to be replenished.

Is it Ever Too Cold to Exercise Outside?

Even with all of the proper precautions and preparations, is there ever a time when it’s ill-advised—or downright dangerous—to head outdoors for a wintry workout? As long as the body is allowed time to acclimate to cold weather and proper clothing is worn to cover all skin and appendages, there is no specific temperature that is too cold for training.

That said, as temperatures drop closer to zero, the risk of frostbite goes up significantly when the skin is exposed for more than just a few minutes.

Additionally, there is an increased risk of falls and ankle injuries, such as sprains and fractures, when ice is on the ground. Caution with your footing is a must, and depending on the terrain in which you are training, devices like crampons can make a big difference in getting traction in snow and ice.

After your cold-weather workout, get inside to warmer temperatures as quickly as possible. Ideally, you should change into warm, dry clothes right away to prevent hypothermia and to decrease the risk of skin chafing.

Can the IRS Take My House for Not Paying Income Taxes?

If you’ve spent sleepless nights wondering about your outstanding income taxes and whether you could lose your home, there’s good news and bad news. If you haven’t been able to remain in good standing with the IRS, ownership of your home may come under threat.

That’s because the IRS is entitled to get a lien on your home if you don’t pay your federal taxes. However, this is seldom a route that the IRS chooses to go when resolving outstanding tax balances.

What is a federal income tax lien?

When you don’t settle your annual tax bill, the IRS can apply for and get a federal lien that attaches to your property. This includes real estate, financial, and other tangible assets.

Before applying for such a lien, the IRS assesses your liability and informs you of your outstanding balance and the payment due date. If you fail to pay the debt, which includes back taxes, interests, penalties, and costs in full, the IRS goes ahead with the lien.

Consequences of a federal tax lien

With the lien in place, the IRS could insist on foreclosure. However, this is rarely the case. Before opting for foreclosure, the IRS will assess whether there is sufficient equity in the house to cover the mortgage and the outstanding tax bill. 

Additionally, the IRS is hesitant to foreclose on a property and kick people out of their homes. The optics in the media don’t reflect well on the IRS and the entire federal government, which aims to treat citizens with dignity and offer them tax relief where possible. 

Consequently, once the IRS has the lien on your home, it remains in place until you sell or refinance your home. Once that happens, the IRS will claim the money it is owed. If you find out the IRS intends to place a lien on your home, it is best to consult a specialist at Tax Fortress who can represent your interests and avoid the lien.

Future implications of a federal tax lien

If you sell your home, the federal tax lien is paid to the IRS out of the proceeds of the sale. The same applies to if you refinance your home. However, there are opportunities to request a deferment from the IRS on applying the lien, provided you meet specific criteria.

The federal lien remains in place even if your mortgage lender decides to foreclose on the property. However, the recovery of the mortgage comes first, and the IRS can claim from the remaining funds.

What to do about a federal tax lien

To avoid a federal tax lien on your home, you should pay your taxes each year. However, for some people, this is just not possible. But it’s not the end of the road for you if this is the case. Upon receipt of the IRS notification about the lien, you become entitled to a collection due process hearing.

This is your chance to explain your side of the story and demonstrate that you haven’t paid your taxes because you were unable to, not because you’re avoiding them. It is also an opportunity for you to negotiate with the IRS. 

The IRS is usually receptive to negotiated installment agreement plans that allow you to pay your taxes off over a longer time. You can also try the offer in compromise option when the IRS permits you to settle the bill for a lesser amount. During the hearing, you can also discuss other options with the IRS that allow you to pay off your taxes and avoid losing your home.

Does Too Much Screen Time Cause Depression in Kids?

The distraction of spending time on smartphones or tablets and in front of the TV means there is less time for other important activities, such as interacting with the family, doing physical exercise, or spending face-to-face time with peers. 

The relationship between depression and too much screen time is something researchers have been studying and although there seems to be a link, establishing a direct causal link is difficult because depression has many different causes. 

What researchers have discovered

Recent research is finding that more hours of screen time are associated with lower wellbeing in kids between the ages of two and 17. Researchers have seen how, after spending only an hour of screen time a day, kids seem to show less curiosity and emotional stability. 

Frequent television viewing and media use amongst teenagers is linked to depression, according to a study of adolescents by researchers at the University of Montreal. It is interesting that the study didn’t find increases in depressive symptoms with increased video gaming and computer use. This is possibly because of the interactive nature of these platforms and that they are less likely to make teenagers compare themselves with others. 

What can you do as parents?

As parents, you can limit the time your kids spend online. You need to know about the apps and websites they are using and what information they’re accessing. For instance, you can install the free Spy Phone app on a kid’s phone to monitor their contacts, see who they’re conversing with and keep track of their activities. 

Screen time shouldn’t be alone time

Choosing to watch TV rather than interacting with others can cause loneliness, which can eventually lead to depression. It is often much easier to passively watch a screen than to have to face the challenge of interacting with other people. 

Without the necessary social interactions, kids can grow up not really knowing how to communicate well or relate to others. As a parent, you can engage with your kids while they’re using screens. You can even play video games with them. Making it more social gives you the opportunity to discuss content with them. 

Listen to your kids and help them to develop discernment

TV can be unrealistic in its portrayal of life and comparing that to real-life can cause problems. Kids may develop problems with their appearance and be disappointed when real life doesn’t live up to what they see on TV. 

Social media also offers plenty of images that portray the best sides of people’s lives. Kids may feel their lives suck in comparison to the extent that it can really affect their mental health. 

On the other hand, the amount of content they’re exposed to on screens related to crime, death and violence may negatively skew their view of the world. If you show an interest in the digital content, they’re viewing and ask them how it makes them feel, you can help them to develop more discernment. 

Find a balance

Games are very compelling for kids and they would often rather play games than do anything else. Anyone who can’t do without something is addicted to it and when you try to stop your kids from playing games or limit the time they play them, they are not likely to meekly submit. 

Kids can often use playing games as a way to avoid dealing with the challenges of family relationships and other problems. Gaming disorder is now recognized by the World Health Organization. As a parent, you can set a good example for your kids and teach them about the importance of having a balance.