If there is an industry that’s reaching new altitudes, it’s undeniably the industry of wellness, specifically the business of yoga. Individuals from whole different walks of life have started showing recognition and a growing interest in yoga and its numerous advantages.

Given the tremendous popularity of yoga, it’s not surprising we come across so many yoga studios everywhere you go. In case you’re dreaming about your own studio, you find this article quite useful.

Beside discussing different lighting fixtures that can influence yogis in your studio, we’ll talk about how an ideal yoga studio must look like.

Natural Light

Natural light works best for studios that provide early morning classes as it can help awaken one’s mind and body. To make sure you customers get the most out of the sunshine, ensure your studio is designed to boast spaciousness and openness.

Studios must feature large, open windows so that only soft-rays enter inside, but a calming breeze as well. Additionally, you can incorporate curtains to avoid redundant heat and sunlight. Ideally, the windows must face the east or north directions as they both are beneficial for spiritual practice. And there is a big chance for you and your yogis to catch the sunrise and get thoroughly inspired.

Remember to give your studio a homely feeling by placing flowers and indoor plants in different corners of the space. That will not only purify the airs but also improve the overall aspect of your studio.

Track Lighting

Track lighting are the fixtures implemented in a single continuous track device. A tracking device comes with several electrical conductors which are great if you need to bring electrical wiring in individual areas. Track wires can be mounted to the wall, similar to Emergency and Battery Back-Up Lights, but you can also attach them to rafters or joists.

Yoga studio requires plenty of lighting so that your spaces feel both inviting and clean.

The light generated by track lights can be really bright and will significantly brighten and open your studio. Additionally, you can choose a dimmer attachment so you can change the light whenever you conduct breathing exercises or practice a relaxation technique.

Color Lighting

Most yoga clubs are seen implementing light technology into their daily yoga practices as special effects. Using lights with harmonious colors will bring in a relaxing experience for the entire class. Not only that but color lighting will also give you the chance to promote color therapy which treats various ailments. Some of the best color lights used in yoga classes are:

Blue – will send all the participants in an absolute state of calm and peace, separating them from the outside world entirely.

Blue-light lighting will also help your customers feel more energized and fresher. Studies have found that it has a direct effect on our melatonin- the hormone responsible for our sleeping cycle.  

Green– These are considered to be the safest hue lights that you can apply without getting deterred by your second thoughts. Green is perfect for all kinds of healing, but most importantly, they transmit safe and shooting vibes that will empower people to practice yoga more easily.

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