Senior citizens need to exercise and socialize as much as you do, and letting them sit idle and alone doesn’t do them any favors. Getting out and about boosts a senior’s physical fitness and their quality of life. The risk of isolation gets higher as we age, so it’s vital that you keep an eye on elderly loved ones and make sure they don’t fall into this trap.

Here are some ideas for keeping older friends and relatives occupied and fit:


Encourage your senior citizen kin to engage is hobbies. There is probably something that they’ve always wanted to do but were too busy to get to when they were younger. It could be woodwork or gourmet cooking; the possibilities are endless. Find out if there are local classes or clubs that they can attend, where they learn more and engage with others at the same time.

Many seniors get a second lease on life when they develop an interest in a hobby. A lot of them favor journaling or scrapbooking to keep their fondest memories alive. Perhaps you know of someone who’s had such an exciting life that they should be writing their memoir!

Take trips

Getting home assistance from a professional from Tandem Careplanning makes outings even easier. You can rest assured that your loved one is in good hands when they go out for the day. Ask your elderly friends or relatives if there is somewhere specific they would like to go. Research the destination to make sure it’s mobility-friendly so that the seniors can enjoy it to the full.

Local clubs, retirement homes, and churches organize outings once a month. These trips include visits to museums, botanical gardens, and other places of interest. Some travel agents offer vacation packages for seniors, where the staff cater to their needs, and they get to travel with people they can form friendships with.


Having an animal who depends on them for love and food is something many seniors enjoy. A dog is a popular choice as they are very affectionate, and they need exercise, which is the perfect way to get seniors on the move.

Dogs are great icebreakers when it comes to meeting new people as you can get a conversation going if someone stops to admire your canine companion.

Perhaps your senior citizen friend or relative would prefer something a little different, such as a parrot. They’re fantastic company and chatter away all day. Parrots are relatively easy to tame, and they’ll keep you amused with their antics and the words and phrases they learn. Being responsible for a pet has been shown to decrease blood pressure and increase the quality of life for senior citizens.

Community resources

Most towns and cities offer facilities for the elderly, such as senior centers. They plan daily and weekly activities for senior citizens to participate in or attend. These include computer literacy lessons and exercise classes. 

All activities are designed with seniors in mind so that their needs are catered to. The senior centers often arrange senior safety talks, where seniors are taught to defend themselves physically and also to not fall prey to scammers who want their money.

Other events include plays, put on by the seniors, or the local drama club. Games such as bingo, chess, and bridge are popular. They are also an excellent way to keep the brain active, which is vital for a senior’s overall health. Most senior centers offer a daily meal for attendees. This is an excellent way to make sure your elderly friend or relative is eating a nutritious diet. 

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