Developing a website and maintaining it is not an easy task. After all the development work gets over and the site is launched, nothing can be more discouraging than low traffic volumes. 

Fortunately, by using different tactics, you can get more traffic to the website. One of the most effective ways of doing this is by improving Google rankings. Here are five easy ways to get higher website rankings:

Building solid link-building strategy

To get a higher ranking in the Google search engine, you must have a solid link-building strategy. Search engine algorithms want to see that your content is relatable and benefits the target audience. The best way to assess this is by looking at how many blogs and websites link to the website you have developed. 

To get higher inbound links, some bloggers and webmasters might engage in activities such as buying them. You should never buy outbound links from shady websites because this wastes budget spend that could be better used and impact current ranking positions. 

You can rather choose to write technology guest post if you’re into that niche and contact for the right guidance on mastering guest posts on other good sites.

Conducting extensive keyword research

To have a strong SEO strategy, you need to focus on the keywords used on the website. Before writing and publishing the content, use extensive keyword research tools. Many different tools claim to contribute to keyword research but not all of them deliver. 

Get a reliable solution that serves your purposes well. Ensure that you use a good mix of traditional keywords and long-tail ones. That helps make the content more visible even if it is searched using Voice assistant apps. Ensure that each keyword is well-researched and plausible conclusions were made on the implementation of every keyword used.

Focusing on visual SEO

Is visual SEO a thing yet? Yes, it is a thing and to rank higher on Google search results, you should implement this in a meaningful way. How can this be done? First of all, use image alt text every time it is possible to do so. 

To implement visual SEO, other elements need to be brought into consideration as well. Also, using more visual content that is relatable can help contribute ranking points to the website page. Visual SEO works best also on e-commerce platforms because they help drive users directly to the product they are looking for.

Implementing local SEO

If you are running a local business, implementing local SEO should be one of the top priorities in this regard. Local SEO helps connect your website with the most relevant audience that is most likely to make a purchase. Unlike traditional SEO, using local keywords can help communicate your message with people that can make a purchase now. 

When implementing local SEO, remember to mention the primary operational location at least once. Doing so will direct the content you have created to people in the neighborhood who can visit your office. Mix local SEO with traditional keyword research and implementation for best results.

Optimize website structure

Another major contributing factor to website rankings includes the website structure. The impact made by the website is mostly about the page loading time and the structure of the website content. 

You should strive to reduce the page loading time because this has a negative impact on Google search rankings. At the same time, break up the content into different sections using subheads and headings to make the content easy to scan through. You can get more insights using the PageInsights open-source platform designed for this very purpose.

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