How to Find Success on Spotify

Streaming services – they might not make you rich, but they’ll help you get your name out there. That is, of course, unless your name is already out there, and you’re capable of sporting millions upon millions of plays of your tracks — the Ed Sheeran’s of the world sure can make money using Spotify and similar services.

But while you’re dreaming big dreams and using services like the ones you can find here to boost your footprint on the platform, you still need a solid strategy to develop your Spotify profile. At the very least, you need a couple of added ways to make your story on Spotify a successful one.

Here are a couple of more things you can try out and combine until you reach something that works for you.

Create for Spotify

Spotify might not have an official guide as to how to create music that goes well with its service, but people have noticed that some things work better than others. Shorter songs get you more plays. Long albums can carry more of those short songs.

You want to be able to hook the listener fairly quickly. Your song needs to offer something unique and interesting in the first thirty seconds or so. Remember that you’re trying to get people with short attention spans to listen to your music. Don’t beat around the bush – cut to the chase and go straight for the head.

Broaden Your Horizons

You might be fixated on Spotify for your success because you’ve heard something awesome about the streaming service, and that’s great. But whether you think Spotify is the best place online for your music or not, you should certainly know that it’s not the only one.

The fact of the matter is that Spotify has a lot of services and platforms competing with it. Even if you plan to focus on Spotify, you should get your music to as many of those other platforms as possible. You want to have a presence, and your presence is much more powerful if it spreads across several websites than if it’s just a local Spotify “thing.”

Start Working the Industry People

Okay, you can’t start dealing with A&R people right away, but you will get there soon enough. In the meantime, you want to grab the attention of the people who have an audience – either on their merit or because they work for an influential publisher.

Don’t be surprised that a journalist or a blogger can help you further your Spotify career. Their voices are ones that are heard far away, and if they have something at all to say about you, that can be awesome. If they’re saying something nice, it’s even better.

Create Good Playlists

Playlists have become such an important thing on Spotify that they merit an article of their own just to explain how to ensure that yours are good. If you’re not sure what they are, find a crash course ASAP and get to creating one.

Or twelve because you never want to have fewer public playlists than that. Really pay attention to the quality of the tracks you put in there, as they’ll tell loads about you whether you like it or not. And don’t be squeamish about pressing that “share” button. You have to hustle at least a bit if you want to find success on Spotify. And you certainly need to keep at it until it happens.

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