The roof of your home is there to keep you safe from the elements. It’s what keeps you dry when it’s raining, warm when it’s snowing, protected from the wind and the harsh sun. 

Without your roof, you wouldn’t have any privacy, and your house wouldn’t be comfortable at all. Despite how important the roof is, most people don’t pay much attention to it. 

They don’t keep up with maintenance and will take ages to fix minor issues, which can turn into large and costly damages. That’s why it’s recommended to take care of your roof and keep it looking new with regular maintenance. 

This will help to prolong its lifespan and keep you and your family safe and comfortable. Most important, regular roof maintenance will help you save on roof repair costs.

Keep reading to find out what are the most important tasks to keep in mind!

Do Regular Inspections

Get a Minneapolis siding contractor to check your roof periodically for common issues and address them before they become a big problem. 

The thing about roofs is that if you don’t fix these minor issues in time, they can turn into a massive problem that’ll cost a bundle to fix later. That’s why it’s essential to prioritize repairs. 

Most importantly, let a professional contractor inspect the roof on your behalf instead of trying to do it yourself. 

Some of the most important indicators that the contractor will look out for include faulty flashing, exposed or missing fasteners, damaged drip edge as well as lifting or missing shingles. Minneapolis roofing contractors will also check the gutters to see if there’s any damage or sagging on them. 

Trim the Branches

You also want to regularly trim the trees around your home in order to prevent any leaves, branches, and debris from falling onto your roof as this could cause damage to the roof and shingles. 

Besides, excess tree branches can invite unwanted pests so performing some good old tree trimming is a hygienic process that’ll keep your home clean and fresh. 

Clean the Gutters

It’s also important to check the gutters and make sure that they’re not clogged as this can cause an overflow of water to pool on top of your roof, causing all sorts of trouble, such as rot. 

This is the last thing you want as it could end up requiring you to replace your roof altogether. It’s better to just clean your gutters during the spring and fall so you can avoid all of this trouble. 


Now that you know how to prolong your roof’s lifespan, be sure to observe these tips and maintain your roof in tip-top condition. 

The most important thing is to get it inspected at least once a year by a professional contractor and keep debris out of it. 

Things like leaves and branches can cause untold damage to your roof when left unchecked so do yourself a favor and take one weekend every now and then to clear it away. 

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