Shopping for clothes and accessories online provides a wider choice, not to mention better price and quality. Most websites offer free returns, so if your dress is too short or the trousers are too long, you can send them back. Cyberattacks on e-commerce sites are becoming more common, unfortunately. Malicious actors can get their hands on your payment information and sell it to other criminals or conduct identity theft. Given that billions of records of personal information are stolen each year, you must be very careful when shopping online. Here’s what you can do to secure your online activity. Being a smart shopper starts with protection. Don’t put yourself at risk for identity theft. 

Only shop at secure online shops

Needless to say, you should never buy anything online using your debit or credit card from an unknown website, especially if it doesn’t have SSL encryption installed. If you buy clothes and accessories online, do your shopping at renowned sites such as H&M or ASOS. You can protect yourself from hackers and even get some good deals while doing so. Get cozy on the couch and shop through the latest styles. To stay away from shopping scams, avoid the temptation of buying from less popular sites. If you saw something you can’t get your mind off, verify the legitimacy of the site by checking out the contact details and seeing what other shoppers say about it. You might have unpleasant surprises.  

Use a dedicated proxy server to order online 

There are different kinds of security threats, like password attacks, malware, and so on. It’s better to be safe than sorry. Use a datacenter proxy server to order online. It will act as a firewall and web filter, keeping your online activity completely safe. Plus, your order won’t be delayed or rejected, provided you live in a different geographical area. What the datacenter proxy server does is to add a layer of security between your server and external traffic. Your IP address, which will be visible to anyone on the Internet, will be unique. Nobody will be able to track you. The price of the datacenter proxy server is affordable because it’s shared between various users. If you want something just for you, get a private datacenter proxy. 

Keep a close eye on your bank account 

Even if banks are well-protected against hackers, data breaches take place every now and then. It’s a good idea to keep a close eye on your bank account – in other words, see if funds are missing. It might not be due to a software glitch. The bank will investigate the issue and find out what’s happened. Equally important is to enable secure online payment. For instance, you can add another layer of security with a single-use code. Only you, i.e. the cardholder, can finalize the payment. Anyway, make sure to closely monitor banking app notifications and see if something suspicious is going on. you can potentially spot fraudulent activity and prevent significant financial losses. 

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