Just like many other pursuits in life, being a remote worker involves networking. It is important to network because your employment as a remote worker is based upon interactions with other people. Here are some ways that you can network as a remote worker.

Establish a Social Media Presence Online

As a remote worker who wants to network, it is very important to establish a widespread social media presence. There are people out there who have a grudge against social media and think that it is the worst thing that ever happened to mankind. However, it is a great tool for attracting attention for your work and building up a network of potential fans and clients.

Experiment with different social media platforms—do not put your eggs in one basket. Each social media platform has its own way of doing things that can either help or hinder your online presence. It all depends on who you are, what services you give and who you are trying to appeal to.

When using social media platforms, you must have in the mind the fact that certain platforms are good for certain circumstances. For example, if you are meeting strangers at a public venue you may want to follow their social media yet keep them at arm’s length. Certain social media platforms are better at this than others.

Some social media platforms are perfect for making new friends and followers via the internet while others lack in that aspect.

Ask Around Your Community

Another great way to get remote work is to talk to people in your community and tell them that you have services to offer. Sometimes, in-person hanging out and word-of-mouth are the best ways to network. Many times, people only care about the people in their communities and social circles who they consistently see, rather than in-person strangers or strangers on the internet.

Contact Individuals and Employers

Another great way to network as a remote worker is to contact employers and individuals who work for companies. Choose your field, and then figure out the names of the companies that you want to work for. Next, look up the names of people who are in various positions of the company. Contact those people.  To expand on this you can get in touch with the SAHM Jobs Center to further put you in a position to find a job.

Have a Portfolio of Work

It is so important to have a portfolio of work. The whole point of the portfolio is to show the employer what you are able and willing to do. If you are applying to be a writer, you should have writing samples. If you are applying to be an illustrator, you should have illustration samples. The remote employer does not know about you or your capabilities, so you must show him/her what you can do. When you are networking as a remote worker, it is important to show your strengths and weaknesses.

Social media platforms give you a great opportunity to showcase your work. Instagram, a picture-heavy social media platform, is great for uploading pictures of your work. Facebook is great for making posts that include text, pictures, and videos. There are specific websites, such as Behance, that exist for the purpose of people showing off their work.

Start Your Own Website

Starting your own website is a great way to network because having your own website shows another level validity. You can put whatever you want on your website. Having a website appears more professional and piques the interests of potential clients.

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