Many homeowners are not aware of roof issues until they escalate and become more expensive to repair. This is why it is so important to regularly inspect a roof. Qualified and experienced roofing contractors are able to pick up issues and fix them before they become more serious. 

It may be rewarding to take a do-it-yourself approach for upkeep around your home but for your roof, there are some situations where it is worth your while to call in a qualified contractor. 

Damaged flashing

A thorough inspection in the fall and the spring can pick up signs of damage, such as problems with flashing. Flashing is installed where any two surfaces meet on your roof, such as around chimneys, skylights or HVAC systems. You also need flashing in other areas where water runoff is heavy. Copper, aluminum and sheet metal are commonly used flashing materials. 

When flashing is damaged, the risk of leaks is greatly increased and a qualified contractor needs to repair the damage. For roof repair, Austin has many experienced and knowledgeable roofing contractors who can repair deteriorating or damaged flashing. 

Missing or broken shingles

Shingles may be damaged by heavy weather, such as high winds that can blow them off the roof or hail and falling branches that can break them. Broken or missing shingles are a sign of trouble to come. Even one missing shingle can be the cause of a leak. 

There are different types of shingles and they respond in different ways and last for varying lengths of time. A professional roofer will assess damage and repair or replace shingles when necessary. Installing new shingles can be tricky as hazardous materials, such as hot tar, are used. This is not a project you want to tackle yourself. 

As soon as you notice a missing shingle, don’t hesitate to call in a roofing contractor – it is easier to replace one missing shingle than deal with the damage from resulting leaks. 

Shrinking roof membrane

Temperature fluctuations, humidity and poor insulation may cause the interior lining of the roof to shrink away from the framework. The repairs required to reinforce the roof membrane are costly and time-consuming. This repair is not a quick fix and requires the proper professional tools and trained employees to do it. 

Leaky roof

Leaks often occur in places where surfaces meet, such as around a chimney or a skylight. It can be difficult to identify the cause of a leak and it may be a simple issue that’s easy to fix if it’s caught early. Small leaks usually get worse quickly so you can’t ignore them. 

Sometimes you don’t even know you have a leak until you notice water damage on your ceiling and then your repairs will cost much more. A regular inspection can prevent this by picking up issues like nail problems, damage from tree branches, damaged flashing, faulty gutters, and missing or broken shingles. 

Malfunctioning gutters

Gutters often become clogged with debris and when they aren’t doing their job, water seeps into the soffits, fascia and sheathing, causing them to rot. Water can also cause damage to the foundations and even flood a basement. Regularly clearing gutters and making sure they are working properly is essential and it’s worth relying on roofing contractors to check them on a regular basis. 

Delaying roof repairs will inevitably lead to more expenses down the line. You can’t avoid issues such as wind or hail damage but your roof will be able to deal with heavy weather better when it’s in good repair. Regular maintenance checks ensure that it’s in top shape at all times. 

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