Getting engaged or married is right up there in the top three challenges in life that are life-changing. Because this is such a significant life event, you want to make sure that all the bells and whistles are taken care of. 

Your wedding planning and arrangements can take a lot of time, but this is only one small part of the time that you will spend together. Choosing a ring that reflects your values and personalities will last a lifetime.

Conventional versus something totally different

Nowadays, many couples are moving away from the traditional gold and platinum engagement and wedding rings to designs manufactured from tungsten. Not only is this material as enduring as your relationship should be, but the combination of design and metal appeal to a wide variety of personality types. 

Here are some choices for different personality types that will make you think twice about whether to remain conventional or to get out of your comfort zone.

Orange and silver tungsten rings for the down to earth person wanting a touch of flair

These engagement or matching wedding bands comprise of an attractive orange and silver tungsten fusion. The design is original, as is the original look of this engagement ring combo. 

The brightness of the silver-grey metal sounds and looks pretty standard until the orange flair is added. Include a touch of beveling and her matching rings with original designs in plain tungsten and the beveled, polished midnight matching rings. 

Ramp up your personality pizzazz with a black and camo band

This matching wedding band combo encompasses an air of elegance and sophistication. Pairing of the black tungsten and camo insert is simple yet classy. Better suited to the professional, this Mens Camo Wedding Band becomes even more appealing when you can get a matching set for husband and the wife. 

His and her rings reflect the type of personality who is not afraid to advertise the fact that they are committed for the long-run. Choosing an elegant ring in plain midnight black, black and silver, or engraved silver is just the type of jewelry to reflect the stylishness of your personality.

The philosophical nature lover and great outdoorsman

With tungsten, designs are not limited, so there is also plenty for the nature lover, the man and woman who appreciate the great outdoors. For the type of personality who wants to blend in with the environment, being respectful of nature, the black and green tungsten camo ring makes for an ideal wedding band. 

This ring is truly unique, embodies the shades of nature and speaks to the need for privacy. With this type of personality, it is best to communicate with outward wear rather than with extensive communication. Similarly, the silver or black deer skull camo ring designs have created their own following for this personality type.

The extrovert with the big personality

This sort of person likes to be noticed. Typically, they are gregarious, like to mingle and possess an excellent sense of humor. This person enjoys something extraordinary like the American flag matching tungsten engagement rings, or will be drawn to the quirky Batman couples’ rings. 

When this extrovert is a tad more subdued, they will be drawn to a black King tungsten wedding bank to complement her silver Queen ring.

Different color tungsten camo bands can also be customized for even better personality matches. For the contemporary couple looking to express themselves with their clothing and all other externalities, it makes sense to choose a wedding or engagement ring that accomplishes the same goal.

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