Tips on Dressing for Men

Handsome is as handsome does, but while not everyone can look like a movie star, men have to know when to go smart or casual. True, for work, there might be a strict dress code, with no jeans being allowed except for casual Fridays.  The confident, successful alpha male knows how to dress up or … Continue Reading

Why You Should Plan to Buy a Dog if You Are Battling PTSD

Dogs help in alleviating stress and fighting Post Traumatic Stress Disorder or PTSD effectively through their loving presence. Patients with PTSD get anxious quickly, avoid being among others, and feel lonely, depressed, and scared.  They get constant company from the dogs, which they don’t fear. Nearly 23% of PTSD patients report they feel they don’t … Continue Reading

Safety Tips to Follow While Playing with Your Dog

Reports indicate that over 470 million dogs around the world are kept as household pets. Their popularity isn’t surprising considering the warmth and companionship they offer their owners.  Dogs are one of the few creatures that are not only domesticated but can be trained to perform several tricks. You shouldn’t be too overzealous when developing … Continue Reading

Steps to Overcome Depression and Anxiety After Job Loss

It’s no surprise that the loss of a job is devastating. You question your ability to do anything, and as a result, it can take weeks to get back on the job market. These are normal emotions to have; with some reassurance, they’re sure to pass. Remember, unemployment is temporary and it doesn’t define your … Continue Reading

How to Improve Your Financial Life in 4 Steps

Personal finance is one of those things that you need to learn as an adult so that you can effectively plan for your future through sound money management.  Keep in mind that every financial decision that you make will affect your overall financial health.  Some of the most common words of wisdom that we get … Continue Reading

Common Injuries in an Office Environment and How to Prevent Them

You may think that working in an office is relatively hazard-free. However, an office environment has the potential for a number of injuries. Slips and falls account for the greatest number of injuries but other hazards include lifting heavy objects, poor workstation ergonomics, falling objects and more. Here are five of the most common injuries … Continue Reading

5 Smart Online Shopping Tricks to Save You Hundreds

Most people shop online today due to its convenience and the ability to easily compare prices. Retailers are becoming more creative in the ways they entice shoppers to buy. With the help of some smart tricks, it is possible for shoppers to score some major discounts on items they already intend to purchase. The following … Continue Reading

Wine Refrigerator Features to Know About

A wine refrigerator can be an excellent alternative to a traditional wine cellar. Wine refrigerators or wine coolers are similar to a kitchen refrigerator but maintain a steady temperature suitable for the storage of wine. Instead of shelves, they have wine racking that holds each bottle in a horizontal position to keep the bottle secure … Continue Reading

Common Mistakes People Make When Buying a Home

Buying a home is such a monumental event in everyone’s life that it’s all too easy to get overwhelmed and confused by the experience. There is a lot of money changing hands, you’re trying to decide whether you’re attaching yourself to the right property, and you’re figuring out what your future is going to look … Continue Reading

How to Navigate Social Situations if You’re Uncomfortable with Them

Some of us take to social situations like sharks to water — the bigger the hunting ground and the more people involved, the better. But others aren’t that delighted by the prospect of hanging out with people they barely know, regardless of the reason they all find themselves together. For the introverted, socially anxious, depressed, … Continue Reading