3 Things to Consider Before Starting a Delivery Service Business

Online delivery is a natural evolution of ride-hailing services such as Lyft and Uber that rely on crowdsourced labour as the delivery provider’s own system. The Covid-19 has stirred a huge demand due to shelter-in-place and health concerns – encouraging entrepreneurs to consider starting a local delivery business. As you may know, startup costs can … Continue Reading

Know Where to Turn for Profitable Penny Stocks

Penny Stocks are a way to build wealth for sure, but there are risks and rewards. But if done the right way, penny stocks are an investment that can mushroom into a fortune.  True, some traders buy the top penny stocks they see recommended, but if you want to win at this game, you need … Continue Reading

Light Up Your Teaching

If there is an industry that’s reaching new altitudes, it’s undeniably the industry of wellness, specifically the business of yoga. Individuals from whole different walks of life have started showing recognition and a growing interest in yoga and its numerous advantages. Given the tremendous popularity of yoga, it’s not surprising we come across so many … Continue Reading

The Benefits of Using Organic Facemasks

If there is one accessory that has become an essential item the world over, it is a facemask. Since these items have become so popular, and in many cases necessary, the variety has blossomed.  As with anything in life, different people have different preferences, whether these preferences are born from personal beliefs, aesthetics, or practicality.  … Continue Reading

5 Onboarding Mistakes You’ll Want to Avoid

It doesn’t take an HR wizard to recognize the signs of a bad onboarding process. If a business has trouble integrating new employees, fostering communication between employees, while suffering from a misalignment between employee expectations and reality, chances are the onboarding process is a part of the problem. Add a high employee turnover rate – … Continue Reading

The Importance of Parental Control While Schools Are Closed

The COVID-19 pandemic has led to many schools closing and parents have been faced with the prospect of home-schooling their children. Ideally, teachers are providing lessons, either online or on paper, to help meet their academic needs. However, children have many other needs too.  They need to socialize with their peers, get exercise and more. … Continue Reading

Buying Products and Services Online

People enjoy shopping online because it is convenient. Travel time is saved, together with the effort and energy spent on driving and walking around, and waiting in queues. With a quick input of payment and delivery details (once-off per store), shoppers can take care of luxury and necessity purchases in minutes.  Online shopping has increased … Continue Reading

Got Water Damage? Here Are the Factors That Hike Up the Repair Costs

The excitement of buying a new home is a feeling that is not surpassed by many others. Sure, buying a car is exciting, or getting a new pet is great, but when you buy a house, you invest in memories and a future.  The sad part is that these feelings of elation and excitement often … Continue Reading

What Skills do You Need to Be a Fashion Industry Manager?

The fashion industry continues to grow beyond the expectations of experts. It seems that there is no end to consumers’ hunger for new fashion products and the trends keep changing every year. As a result, it’s no wonder that people are turning to the industry in search of employment.  While a lot of people associate the fashion … Continue Reading

Can the IRS Take My House for Not Paying Income Taxes?

If you’ve spent sleepless nights wondering about your outstanding income taxes and whether you could lose your home, there’s good news and bad news. If you haven’t been able to remain in good standing with the IRS, ownership of your home may come under threat. That’s because the IRS is entitled to get a lien … Continue Reading