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How to contrast textures

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Four rough-textured items, balanced with one smooth
A lot of the old school tailors operating in the west end of London wear cream silk handkerchiefs in their breast pocket. This is rather contra to the consensus that linen or cotton is best with a business suit, as the matte surface contrasts with the smooth texture of a...

The problem with black

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Not exactly sophisticated
Apparently the French wear a lot of black suits; I’ve never been there long enough to verify it. Last week, someone commented to me on my blog that a black tie was an essential for every man’s wardrobe; he claimed it went with everything. It appears and the French are rather misguided when...

Consider Moleskin

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Snapshot 2010-08-06 16-27-48
For those concerned with the associations created by particular garments, casual jackets can be a nightmare. Corduroy is for professors, tweed for grandparents and leather for wannabe greaseballs. A Harrington jacket screams mod (or rebel lacking a cause), denim is the...

The density of pattern

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A combination with similar densities that just about works, by varying the pattern
One of the first things a man needs to know to dress well in a suit, shirt and tie is how to combine patterns. Colour is more complicated, a little more instinctive and comes later. Guidelines like ‘match your socks to your suit trousers’ can be spelt out as simply as that. But pattern...