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Geeky facts on ties and lapels

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Tie, suit shots 012 (Custom)
Two quick geeky facts this week. Today calling something a seven-fold tie often just means that it is multi-fold – more than three folds in the silk. That isn’t because of dishonest marketing or capitalistic shortcuts. Rather, different ways of counting folds have simply become confused....

The different formalities of shoes

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This is a casual shoe. Can you point out why?
As with much of menswear, there exists a sliding scale of the formality of footwear that the obsessive can get caught up in if he so chooses. I think this is generally to sacrifice the beauty of personal expression to the uniformity of correctness – a correctness that doesn’t...

What have you learned from bespoke?

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He would have been measured like this. You shouldn't be
This was a question put to me the other day by a friend. He was asking about shoes, but I think it applies equally to suiting, shirts and other items of dress. Hopefully you will find my response interesting.

The perfect polo shirt

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Al Bazar Polo Shirt
Shirts can be hard to wear casually. Even the biggest fan of bespoke shirting for wear with his suits during the working week can find himself defaulting to a T-shirt under knitwear at the weekend. I suggest the alternative of a long-sleeved polo shirt.

Remember texture

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Drake's grenadine tie
I think if you were to categorise the main aspects of cloth, they would fall into colour, pattern and texture....