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Meieli Sawyer Detoni works as a fashion journalist and has been published in both print and online media internationally. She is the former International News Editor of Miami Fashion Weekly.

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Chronicles of Never Origin of Light Sunglasses

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These are some curious shades, aren't they? Chronicles of Never's round-frame sunglasses have a unique frame design that makes them seem as if they've been cut out from cardboard and painted black. Flat and with an unusual rectangular effect at the temples, these sunglasses will create a...

Nudie Jeans: "This Blue Is Green" Collection

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Nudie Jeans is doing their bit to help the planet, and we're happy to see what they've got in motion. Similar to the Levi's WaterLess campaign, Nudie is trying to cut down on cotton waste that comes along with the jeans manufacturing process. Many of their jeans have been produced using a small...

A Bathing Ape 2011 Summer Catalog

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A Bathing Ape's new summer catalog is out! I am intrigued by the cover--they have a gingham-shirted cover model looking fresh and ready to tackle hot weather. Is this shirt too twee, or is it what you look for when combating the summer heat wave? The BAPE catalog for 2011 should be available soon...

Gant by Michael Bastien Eyewear S/S 2011

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Has anyone out there had their eyes zapped by Lasik, but now they miss the good ol' days of wearing and choosing glasses? I used to dream of days when I would be glasses-free, but then I find myself looking and bookmarking all the good current eyewear collections for men and women, plus vintage....