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Meieli Sawyer Detoni works as a fashion journalist and has been published in both print and online media internationally. She is the former International News Editor of Miami Fashion Weekly.

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Columbiaknit Scarf

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Columbiaknit's been producing their knits since the 1920s, which means they have quality and consumer trust down pat. As someone who'll scream if she sees another “luxury yet made in China” accessory, I'm enjoying the change of pace. This time, Columbiaknit joined forces with Jordan Saylor of...

Silent by Damir Doma Sailor Bag

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Oak's restocking! If you were looking for something on Oak and it wasn't available, this could be your chance. Unfortunately, stores of some of their newly-stocked pieces have already been exhausted. Silent by Damir Doma was brought back to the accessories section on the site. If you're not...

What Do You Think? Denim Geek Online Store

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Denim Geek's online store has had a few weeks to get the kinks out, and I've been exploring to see what they've put together. The Denim Geek blog has been a must-stop for me for a while, and it is clear that the Denim Geek guys know their stuff when it comes to jeans and other denim separates....

Would You Wear It? Navajo Lace-Ups at Oki-Ni

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Navajo Lace-Ups at Oki-Ni are a good way to get your kicks (literally?) without planning and executing a complex color scheme with the entirety of your closet. I found them during my weekly online shopping excursion, and I got really into them... but I also have a thing for Native blankets and...