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Meieli Sawyer Detoni works as a fashion journalist and has been published in both print and online media internationally. She is the former International News Editor of Miami Fashion Weekly.

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H?Katsukawa, Tokyo Silkprint Collection

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Luxury shoes always fall on the side of "buy," but the shopping list would get too lengthy, too fast if we really planned on getting every single pair we saw. However, the H?Katsukawa Tokyo Silkprint Collection might be something that you actually want to track down, budget for, beg for, whatever...

Acronym iPad Bag

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Acronym's iPad Bag costs basically as much as an iPad, and when I first saw it, I thought that maybe you got the iPad, and the bag came for free. Wrong, but that could be a cool partnership. The Acronoym Circdiscover iPad Bag has a swivel design that's so ingenious. You'll want this if you love...

Clarks Original Desert Boots in Slate Blue

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Ronnie Fieg's Clarks Originals Desert Boots are great, aren't they? I can't get enough of Clarks--like a lot of people out there, to be honest--and the slate blue ones are a good choice when it comes to bridging the gap between blacks/greys and colors for shoes. Matching slate blue laces are the...

Schön Spread Styled by Ioannis Dimitrousis

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If you want an easy way to punch up a spring outfit, go for stripes. They can be navy-and-white on a striped jersey shirt; they can be thicker and across a blazer body; they can be on an accessory of choice, like a cocked hat or a pair of deck shoes. While tight-to-the-body picks from Jean Paul...

Red Wing Chukkas

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Give me chukkas, year-round. For all the pseudo "outdoorsy" pieces I see on the websites I visit, there are some items...