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The Week in Movies: The Best of ScreenCrave for June 26

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By this point, we all know that Transformers 2 totally owned in the box office. It took in a whopping 60 million dollars, but I haven't heard whether it is good or not. If some of you are on the same boat as me, fear not, we have a review highlight the good and the bad...

The Week In Music: The Best of BeatCrave for June 25

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You know it is Summer when the days get longer, the amount of BBQs and daytime drinking increases, and all of music festivals that seem to pop up. Suddenly, it seems as if there a music festival everywhere you turn, and BeatCrave has all the news you can possibly handle for the upcoming shows...

The Week in Movies: The Best of ScreenCrave for June 19

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If any of you live in the greater Los Angeles area, you might want to check out some of the movies that are showing in the LA Film Festival. The festival technically started on Thursday, but it runs until the 28th so you still have plenty of time. We have a post highlighting a...

The Week in Music: The Best Of BeatCrave for June 18

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Did any of you make it out to Bonnaroo this year? If you didn't, we have roundups of each day including pictures from the festival. We have an exclusive interview with Matt Monaghan, an unsigned artist that is gaining quite a bit of attention in the music world....