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Photography by Gemma Booth

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Gemma Booth's photography has graced the pages of fashion and music press for over a decade now. From portraits to advertising, her images are stunning. She has worked with big brands like American Eagle and Roxy but her work can be seen throughout the fashion industry. Enjoy.

Boiling Water Instantly from Quooker

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This is another one of those products that make us scratch our heads as to why this hasn't been done before. Quooker offers a faucet that delivers instant boiling water. This addition to the kitchen would make our lives a lot easier, from cleaning dishes to making tea or even just making...

The Piss Screen Helps With Frankfurt's Drunk Driving

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A new way to gently break the news that bar partrons shouldn't be driving are popping up around Frankfurt, Germany. They teamed up with a national taxi service to install pressure sensors in the urinals of bars that are used to control a need for speed-type video game mounted on the wall. When...

Bulletproofing... So hot right now.

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It's been said time and time again, we all want to be the secret agent who is called in when the world is in trouble. Very few of us will ever be “that guy” but it won't stop us from dreaming. Heres a new product to hit the consumer bulletproof market that can save your life if you ever get...