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Hamilton Khaki X-Mach, For the Aviator

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For those who travel at Mach speed, Hamilton's got a watch that measures aircraft speed through the air, divided by the speed of sound. The appropriately-named Khaki X-Mach allows pilots to set pressure altitude and calibrated air speed on the watch's crown, bearing a measurement in...

Mono's 365 DJ Pack, For Mobile Beats

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On the road, DJs shouldn't be bothered to tote their computer and mixing gear in separate bags, nor should they be throwing their equipment into some ill-fitting duffel. Mono rolls everything into one with the 365 DJ Pack, designed for soundmakers who are always bouncing between gigs, often by...

Cigars International Offering Buy One, Get Five Free Today

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// Cigars International Free Cigars - One of the problems with a smoking a really good cigar is knowing that you'll no longer have it at the ready when you need to relax. Cigars International has the solution, with a special deal it began offering today. With the purchase of...