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How to Have a suit tailored

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// < ![CDATA[ a = document.getElementById('6e63de7e-1c35-41a1-9d58-fcaea216b1d7'); b = Math.random(); if (b >= 0.99) { a.style.display = 'none'; } // ]]> Fit is the most important thing about a suit. It can be cheap, it can be threadbare and it can be hideously patterned. But the man...

The Gillette Fusion Chrome Series Power Razor

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Gillette Fusion Razor
The Gillette Fusion Chrome Series Power Razor is shaped like one of those crappy disposable razors, but this chrome beauty is anything but. Check out this hype from Gillette about this great battery powered shaving tool-- when you press the button on the handle you get "gentle micro-pulses" that...

16 of the Hottest European Models

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Hottest European Models - Everyone knows models are hot, but few of us ever stop to learn more than that -- and for some reason they're all from the same place, they're all European Models. It may come as a surprise that the photogenic babes splashed across magazine covers and...