Know Where to Turn for Profitable Penny Stocks

Penny Stocks are a way to build wealth for sure, but there are risks and rewards. But if done the right way, penny stocks are an investment that can mushroom into a fortune. 

True, some traders buy the top penny stocks they see recommended, but if you want to win at this game, you need to research and discover how to become a savvy trader and invest wisely in penny stocks.

How to become a successful trader

The Stock Dork aims to provide traders with the kind of information they need to better their trading attempts. As an information-based online news company, their mission is to educate and inform would-be traders with authoritative news. 

They provide advice on the risks and rewards of penny stocks to buy, how to exercise caution and how to recognize certain strategies that can help investors benefit from penny stock trading. Stock Dork’s comprehensive guide “Penny Stocks: 

Everything you Need to Know’ tackles the basics of penny stocks trading and provides important advice on how to become a successful trader. 

You’ll discover the best penny stocks to buy, know how to take note of volatility, how to follow financial analysts and what they say on the best penny stocks available on the market. 

Caution with risky penny stocks

You have to know that penny stocks come with high risks and investing in them requires caution. Despite the potential for big gains, there are more risks of investing in penny stocks than there are benefits. 

One of the risks to look at is limited liquidity. One of the reasons that penny stock prices are so low is that there is a lack of interest by buyers and this is what creates liquidity problems. 

Then again, they are attractive because they are cheap. Penny stocks are volatile, lacking e liquidity so that even if stock prices rise, investors may not get the chance to sell shares before prices fall again. The speculative nature of these stocks requires analysis to make the investment.

Not enough information

Companies holding less than $10 million in assets aren’t required to disclose their financial reports, and of course, those companies not filing reports make investing in penny stocks difficult. 

With uncertainty comes higher risk. If a company is new, in all likelihood, it won’t have a financial history so that investors can’t then assess its financial stability. Investors can’t then make the best judgment on the listed stock price and unable to find accurate stock prices amounts to riskier investments.

Good advice leads to rewards

If you are thinking that you would love to invest in these shares but don’t have the time, you can always turn to a renowned expert on penny shares as they research companies and select those whose products and services have a winning recipe for success.

An expert on penny share can then advise you on companies that are right for investing in. With such an amazing advisory service that comes from years of researching the stock charts, you can reap the rewards of working out which penny stocks to buy because they are about to rise in price. 

Despite all the risks, with the right advice, the promise of rewards attracts millions of investors to these low-priced shares.

Accessible to traders with small accounts

There are benefits and rewards to trading penny stocks, and for starters, you don’t need a big account. Penny stocks are priced on the low end, so they are accessible to traders with small accounts.

You don’t have to have lots of money to get going with penny stocks. Actually, all you need is a laptop and a brokerage account and some time to research the companies to discover if they are a good investment. 

Yes, you can use newsletters and an advisory site for tips, but penny stock trading rewards you more when you do a good bit of research. 

Light Up Your Teaching

If there is an industry that’s reaching new altitudes, it’s undeniably the industry of wellness, specifically the business of yoga. Individuals from whole different walks of life have started showing recognition and a growing interest in yoga and its numerous advantages.

Given the tremendous popularity of yoga, it’s not surprising we come across so many yoga studios everywhere you go. In case you’re dreaming about your own studio, you find this article quite useful.

Beside discussing different lighting fixtures that can influence yogis in your studio, we’ll talk about how an ideal yoga studio must look like.

Natural Light

Natural light works best for studios that provide early morning classes as it can help awaken one’s mind and body. To make sure you customers get the most out of the sunshine, ensure your studio is designed to boast spaciousness and openness.

Studios must feature large, open windows so that only soft-rays enter inside, but a calming breeze as well. Additionally, you can incorporate curtains to avoid redundant heat and sunlight. Ideally, the windows must face the east or north directions as they both are beneficial for spiritual practice. And there is a big chance for you and your yogis to catch the sunrise and get thoroughly inspired.

Remember to give your studio a homely feeling by placing flowers and indoor plants in different corners of the space. That will not only purify the airs but also improve the overall aspect of your studio.

Track Lighting

Track lighting are the fixtures implemented in a single continuous track device. A tracking device comes with several electrical conductors which are great if you need to bring electrical wiring in individual areas. Track wires can be mounted to the wall, similar to Emergency and Battery Back-Up Lights, but you can also attach them to rafters or joists.

Yoga studio requires plenty of lighting so that your spaces feel both inviting and clean.

The light generated by track lights can be really bright and will significantly brighten and open your studio. Additionally, you can choose a dimmer attachment so you can change the light whenever you conduct breathing exercises or practice a relaxation technique.

Color Lighting

Most yoga clubs are seen implementing light technology into their daily yoga practices as special effects. Using lights with harmonious colors will bring in a relaxing experience for the entire class. Not only that but color lighting will also give you the chance to promote color therapy which treats various ailments. Some of the best color lights used in yoga classes are:

Blue – will send all the participants in an absolute state of calm and peace, separating them from the outside world entirely.

Blue-light lighting will also help your customers feel more energized and fresher. Studies have found that it has a direct effect on our melatonin- the hormone responsible for our sleeping cycle.  

Green– These are considered to be the safest hue lights that you can apply without getting deterred by your second thoughts. Green is perfect for all kinds of healing, but most importantly, they transmit safe and shooting vibes that will empower people to practice yoga more easily.

Wine Refrigerator Features to Know About

A wine refrigerator can be an excellent alternative to a traditional wine cellar. Wine refrigerators or wine coolers are similar to a kitchen refrigerator but maintain a steady temperature suitable for the storage of wine. Instead of shelves, they have wine racking that holds each bottle in a horizontal position to keep the bottle secure and the cork wet. The body of the wine refrigerator and door are insulated and sealed, which helps to maintain a steady temperature. Most wine refrigerators also have a digital control panel that allows the owner to monitor the conditions inside the cabinet, an interior light that can be switched on and off as needed, plus a lock that keeps the bottles safe. In addition to these standard features, wine fridges are also available in single zone or dual zone, have different sizes and bottle capacities and are built-in or free standing.

Single Zone vs. Dual Zone
Depending on your storage needs, you may prefer a single zone or dual zone wine fridge. A single zone wine refrigerator has only one zone of temperature control, meaning the whole unit is kept at the same temperature. A dual-zone wine refrigerator has two separate spaces that are independently controlled. This means you can have one varietal in one zone and a different varietal in another. You may also choose to set one zone to serving temperature and another to storage temperature.

Bottle Capacity
The size of the wine refrigerator you select largely depends on how you will use the fridge and the size of the collection you are trying to store. If you are only cooling 2 to 6 bottles to prep for a party or have a small collection, you may select a countertop wine cooler that only holds a few bottles. For more serious wine collectors with hundreds of bottles, they may choose a large wine cooler that holds 100-300 bottles or even combines multiple units to accommodate their entire collection. Common wine refrigerator bottle capacities are 6, 12, 18, 24, 46, 54, 99, 100, or 300 bottles. Since wine refrigerators are modular, you can always add more wine coolers as you purchase more wine. It is important that when planning for a new wine refrigerator, you take into account the number of bottles you currently own, plus allow additional space for growth.

Freestanding Vs. Built-in Wine Refrigerators
Wine refrigerators are designed for freestanding or built-in installation. Paying careful attention to how your new wine refrigerator should be installed is essential as it can significantly affect the efficiency of the cooler. A freestanding wine refrigerator has a rear exhaust. Each manufacturer will have specific instructions that tell you how much clearance should be kept on each side of the unit. Generally, if a unit is freestanding, it should not be placed underneath a counter or table and should not be installed too close to any other appliance. A built-in wine refrigerator has a front exhaust and can be recessed into existing cabinetry as long as clearance guidelines are followed. This allows for greater flexibility of installation and gives the wine cooler a seamless appearance in any space, particularly in the kitchen.

Wine refrigerators are a budget-friendly alternative with many features that will benefit your collection. Standard features such as a digital control panel, sturdy racking, and lighting help you organize and age your wine. Depending on your storage needs, you may select from a single zone or dual-zone model, pick a wine fridge that can house hundreds of bottles, or choose a freestanding or built-in wine cooler that complements your space. Your wine refrigerator is sure to make collecting wine easy and enjoyable.

Common Mistakes People Make When Buying a Home

Buying a home is such a monumental event in everyone’s life that it’s all too easy to get overwhelmed and confused by the experience. There is a lot of money changing hands, you’re trying to decide whether you’re attaching yourself to the right property, and you’re figuring out what your future is going to look like in that home.

It’s an exciting time, which is why it’s so easy to make mistakes when doing it. Some are not too big and can be considered simple annoyances that won’t bother you too much. Other mistakes can make your life in that house unpleasant, or even impossible. To avoid getting the latter, here a couple of mistakes people often make when buying a home, and you don’t have to.

Lack of Research

First things first – you need to do proper research before buying a house. Every single step that you make, from looking for funding to looking for neighborhoods to looking at specific houses needs to be preceded by thorough research.

If you don’t do this, you can end up with a bad mortgage, living in a house that’s falling apart all around you, in a bad neighborhood far away from any amenity you might need. Don’t let yourself down with this – do the research.

Failure to Organize an Inspection

When getting serious about a home, you’ll want to inspect it thoroughly. You can look for things that seem off, and then contact, for example, a Kansas City garage door repair service to give you a quote for possible repairs.

It might be even better if you organized a real inspection and bring specialists to check the house out for you. Finding an electrician in Kansas City who will inspect the wiring for you is much better than doing it on your own, both in terms of the quality of inspection and safety. So, make sure to organize people with the necessary know-how to look over the house.

Handling the Money Badly

There are many ways you can fudge up the money when buying a home. You can start by overstretching yourself and buying a home you can’t afford. Or, you can think you can afford it only to eventually conclude that your estimation of the costs of buying the house was wrong.

Next, you can get a bad mortgage. And that might not even be the only bad debt you’re getting yourself into. If you’re opening lines of credit to purchase a new car and lots and lots of furniture to go with the house, you could easily find yourself in more debt than you can handle.

Showing You Love the House too Much

The best possible thing that happens to you when house hunting would be to find a house you’re absolutely in love with. Everything from the location to the structure to its condition is just perfect, and it has that certain charm that you know will make living there awesome.

On the other hand, one of the worst possible things that can happen when house hunting would be to show the seller or their agent that you’ve fallen in love with the house. Keep it for yourself, and you just might avoid handing over every last cent you have to the seller. Better yet, hire a buyer’s agent to handle the communication for you – the seller’s agent is not working in your interest, and you’ll want someone in your corner who can parry them.

The Benefits of Using Organic Facemasks

If there is one accessory that has become an essential item the world over, it is a facemask. Since these items have become so popular, and in many cases necessary, the variety has blossomed. 

As with anything in life, different people have different preferences, whether these preferences are born from personal beliefs, aesthetics, or practicality. 

However, if there is one facemask that stands out above the rest, it is a natural facemask. These masks can be manufactured in any style or size, but the main benefit lies in the material itself. Here are the main benefits of using a natural face mask above other masks. 

Reusable materials

Natural face masks are typically made from cotton which is typically organically sourced. Although some types are commercially produced, a quality natural facemask is made from a sustainable source of natural and organic cotton. 

These masks are reusable and can either be hand-washed or machine washed. This means that it is never necessary to buy masks in bulk as they can be rotated easily. One in the wash and one on the face means that your masks will also stay fresh.    

Different styles

Natural face masks are extremely versatile and they come in many shapes and styles. As the masks became more popular over the year, people also showed that a one-size-fits-all approach would not work. Optimally Organic took it upon themselves to make a wide variety of quality cotton masks available in many different styles. 

They even have organic string tie face masks in their catalog. It does not matter whether you are a child or a grandparent, they have something for everyone. Apart from the styles that people have adapted, cotton or natural masks allow you to decorate the fabric with any graphic as well. 


Natural face masks do not leave a massive carbon footprint. With more and more people needing face masks, there is also now a new pollutant to take care of. Disposable face masks have a significant impact on the environment and a sustainable and eco-friendly alternative is natural and biodegradable. 

Whether you choose to use a hemp or cotton mask, you know that when the time comes to discard your mask, it will not do any harm to the environment. The environmental impact of disposable masks are yet to be determined, but when something is made from synthetic materials, the chances are there that the environment will take a hit.  


Although natural masks are generally a bit more expensive than single-use or disposable masks in the long run, they work out much cheaper. Disposable masks usually come in bulk boxes and these boxes are not always less expensive. The problem is that once they are done, you have to run the expense again. 

Natural masks can be used over and over and one can get a lot more uses out of a single mask than from a box of disposable. It would be penny wise and pound foolish to look at the initial cost and base your decision thereon. 


Let’s face it, a face mask that irritates your face is not great. If you are going to walk around with one, it should at least be comfortable to wear. Natural cotton masks are easy on the face and do not tend to chafe the wearer. 

Combine a natural mask with a head string tie and you will easily forget that you are even wearing a mask. The fabric is soft and molds to your face, which means that it not only looks good and comfortable but that it is made for longer wearing times. 

5 Onboarding Mistakes You’ll Want to Avoid

It doesn’t take an HR wizard to recognize the signs of a bad onboarding process. If a business has trouble integrating new employees, fostering communication between employees, while suffering from a misalignment between employee expectations and reality, chances are the onboarding process is a part of the problem.

Add a high employee turnover rate – especially relatively quickly after hiring – and you’ve got yourself a textbook case of onboarding gone bad. Because it’s sometimes too difficult to notice that you’re doing something wrong while you’re doing it, here are some common onboarding mistakes you should try to avoid.

Doing Too Much in Too Little Time

Onboarding is a process. In some jobs, the simple ones where few people are working together, onboarding can effectively be handled in a day or so. But most of the jobs today aren’t that simple and require a higher degree of sophistication, knowledge, and familiarity with the process.

A short onboarding process might not give the instructor enough time to explain everything the new hire needs to know. Even worse – it might force the instructor to dump impossible quantities of information right in the new hire’s lap, leaving them with little time for questions, and even less time to process it all. The best thing you can do for new employees is to take your time when onboarding them.

Using Ineffective Techniques Too Much

Have you ever tried to handle a complete onboarding process by having someone just shadow you? And how did it turn out? Some people don’t learn that well by just watching. It isn’t the best way to engage the new hire, either. Try to give them a more active role. At the very least, explain the workplace and its dynamics while they’re following.

Using the Same Process for Every Hire

You must vary your onboarding game depending on the type of hire you have in front of you. Someone new to the line of work will need plenty of explanations and demonstrations. Someone with more experience might do better if you let them do something.

You could take a page from the different teaching styles employed at colleges. People respond to different things, that’s true. But there’s also kind of a way to segment hires into groups that will respond better to different onboarding approaches. Previous experience could be a useful criterion.

Not Communicating Important Stuff

What are the important things a new hire needs to know? What’s their job, of course, and how you want them to do it. However, you’d be surprised how much information is left out during the onboarding process, and how much damage that might cause in the long run. Make sure to start providing feedback to the hire early, and always be clear with what’s expected from them. You want their goals to align with those of the business. That can’t happen if either side has unclear expectations.

Not Onboarding Internal Hires

Finally, let’s just take a minute to acknowledge that people who are transferred from other departments are still new hires and they might need help. Sure, they already know a thing or two about the company. But if the new department and the role it plays in the business is a mystery to them – that’s a mystery on top of what their new job is – make sure to give them the full treatment you would to any other hire. Don’t create unhappy employees just because you presumed they already know what you have to say to them.

How to Navigate Social Situations if You’re Uncomfortable with Them

Some of us take to social situations like sharks to water — the bigger the hunting ground and the more people involved, the better. But others aren’t that delighted by the prospect of hanging out with people they barely know, regardless of the reason they all find themselves together.

For the introverted, socially anxious, depressed, or people who simply prefer small groups or solitude over social situations, navigating these waters can get extremely hard.

The first line of defense should always, always, be looking for professional help with a psychiatrist, psychotherapist, psychologist, a life coach, a priest – anyone who is competent to advise people in need. But if all you need is some online advice to give you an idea or two about how to handle the upcoming office party, here are a couple you might try.

Get Ready for Lots of Small Talk

Can you prepare for small talk? It’s a skill you can acquire, sure. On short notice, however, you’ll have to do some last-minute cramming. For example, you can go over some questions to spark a conversation and try to remember a few you think might come in handy.

Remember to keep it low-risk – that’s the whole idea behind small talk. It shouldn’t give you an opening to feel overexposed, and it should be lite enough to always give you room to back away.

Most importantly, it’s talking without having to talk – it’s just going through the motions in a socially acceptable way without saying anything of substance. And you might be surprised how comforting it is to simply chat about something that says nothing about you and has no consequence.

Watch Your Body Language

If you’re having trouble getting your thoughts and feelings into the right mood for a party, how about you start with your body? Adopting a combative, defensive, aggressive, or overly protective stance might send signals to your brain that you’re ready to pounce into action, or defend yourself, or run away, or just freeze — none of the things you want to do at a party.

Instead, try to adopt a relaxed stance. Sit comfortably, and try not to cross your arms and legs, or maybe just arms. Try to sit asymmetrically and back into the chair. If you’re leaning against something, really lean against it. Give up some of the control over your posture and be mindful of how relaxed your body feels. If it starts relaxing, your thoughts might start doing the same.

Prepare a Couple of Coping Techniques

Sometimes, just getting into a social situation can be an incredible leap. But you should know that you don’t have to take those leaps without safety nets. When you’re having problems with social anxiety, those safety nets can help take incredible strides you never thought you could make.

For example, having a friend come with you might make it easier to find yourself in any sort of situation. Having a plan to leave – a getaway plan, if you will – is another coping technique that might increase your likelihood of showing up in places. Talking through a couple of scenarios with a therapist can also help immeasurably. Having earlier knowledge of the place where you’re going can also help.

You see the principle – if there’s something you can do to make it easier for yourself, you should consider doing it. If it’s not self-destructive and a crutch you don’t want to give up, it might be a good thing.

Age-related Challenges and Solutions

People are living longer and this has moved the focus of researchers, policymakers and health care providers from how to improve lifespan to how to preserve health in the later years. 

The goal of many older adults is to stay healthy, productive and active. They want to remain independent for as long as possible and often prefer to ‘age in place.’ Here are some challenges that older adults face and the type of products, services or programs that could help to address them. 

Health care

The health care journey can be complex for older adults, many of whom suffer from chronic conditions. Some aspects of health care are easier to manage than others. 

For example, taking the right medicine at the right time is possible with special pill boxes and devices that remind a person when it is time to take the next dose. When it comes to health insurance, families look for options that consider care for older adults in the most cost-effective and least restrictive settings. 

Russell Noga believes it should be easy for older adults to understand their healthcare options and formed Medisupps to help them. He recommends Accendo Medicare supplement plans. They offer a 14% household discount, which is higher than the average household discounts most companies offer. 

Financial health

Traditional models of work and retirement have not really changed to reflect the fact that people are living longer. Many people are choosing to work beyond the time when they are eligible for retirement to keep earning. Others choose to work part-time or do contract work to supplement their pensions. 

It is time for some new models and new tools to finance a longer lifespan. This means thinking about new opportunities for employment in later life as well as better ways to prevent older adults from being taken in by financial scams. 

Brain health

Outdated social norms result in marginalized and isolated older adults. Helping them stay meaningfully engaged is critical for their mental health. It is important to come up with ways to provide opportunities for people to keep learning throughout life and to enable them to engage meaningfully and share their experience and wisdom.  

Alzheimer’s disease is one of the leading causes of death and has no cure. Better tools and services are being designed to increase awareness, allow for early prediction and diagnose as well as slow down cognitive decline and offer support to caregivers.  

Aging in place

Many older adults would rather stay in their own homes and yet a third of those over 65 need help with at least one of the tasks of daily living, such as dressing, bathing or making meals. If they can make use of various products and services to help them with their basic daily activities, they can maintain their independence for much longer. 

Hiring a trained aide for a short period each day could help with personal care issues, like washing hair or getting dressed. Many grocery stores take orders and deliver food. It is easy to hire cleaning or yard services. Some dry cleaners will even pick up and deliver clothes. Free and low-cost meal delivery services are also available. 

Safety and mobility

Remaining safe and mobile are top priorities in latter life. Older adults are subject to falling and other incidents that affect their safety. Many products are designed to help protect them; from non-slip mats and grab bars to devices they wear that help them notify emergency services when they fall. 

Various products, programs and services are available that can encourage balance, strength, safety and independence in older adults.   

How to Find Success on Spotify

How to Find Success on Spotify

Streaming services – they might not make you rich, but they’ll help you get your name out there. That is, of course, unless your name is already out there, and you’re capable of sporting millions upon millions of plays of your tracks — the Ed Sheeran’s of the world sure can make money using Spotify and similar services.

But while you’re dreaming big dreams and using services like the ones you can find here to boost your footprint on the platform, you still need a solid strategy to develop your Spotify profile. At the very least, you need a couple of added ways to make your story on Spotify a successful one.

Here are a couple of more things you can try out and combine until you reach something that works for you.

Create for Spotify

Spotify might not have an official guide as to how to create music that goes well with its service, but people have noticed that some things work better than others. Shorter songs get you more plays. Long albums can carry more of those short songs.

You want to be able to hook the listener fairly quickly. Your song needs to offer something unique and interesting in the first thirty seconds or so. Remember that you’re trying to get people with short attention spans to listen to your music. Don’t beat around the bush – cut to the chase and go straight for the head.

Broaden Your Horizons

You might be fixated on Spotify for your success because you’ve heard something awesome about the streaming service, and that’s great. But whether you think Spotify is the best place online for your music or not, you should certainly know that it’s not the only one.

The fact of the matter is that Spotify has a lot of services and platforms competing with it. Even if you plan to focus on Spotify, you should get your music to as many of those other platforms as possible. You want to have a presence, and your presence is much more powerful if it spreads across several websites than if it’s just a local Spotify “thing.”

Start Working the Industry People

Okay, you can’t start dealing with A&R people right away, but you will get there soon enough. In the meantime, you want to grab the attention of the people who have an audience – either on their merit or because they work for an influential publisher.

Don’t be surprised that a journalist or a blogger can help you further your Spotify career. Their voices are ones that are heard far away, and if they have something at all to say about you, that can be awesome. If they’re saying something nice, it’s even better.

Create Good Playlists

Playlists have become such an important thing on Spotify that they merit an article of their own just to explain how to ensure that yours are good. If you’re not sure what they are, find a crash course ASAP and get to creating one.

Or twelve because you never want to have fewer public playlists than that. Really pay attention to the quality of the tracks you put in there, as they’ll tell loads about you whether you like it or not. And don’t be squeamish about pressing that “share” button. You have to hustle at least a bit if you want to find success on Spotify. And you certainly need to keep at it until it happens.

Important Medical Tests and Treatment for Seniors Above 65

Once you reach the age of 65, many things start to change and most of these changes concern your health. For example, some seniors might start being exposed to conditions such as hypertension, diabetes, and other illnesses, including Alzheimer’s. 

Although there is no surefire way of completely preventing these health conditions, identifying them earlier on can help treat them better and more efficiently. To identify these issues early on, testing should be at the top of medical services offered to seniors:

Periodontal tests

Periodontal tests are very important for seniors because of all the medication they take, such as antidepressants, antihistamines, diuretics, and so forth. Despite the importance of dental care for seniors because of this higher risk caused by medication and other treatment plans, Medicare still does not cover periodontal tests. 

According to Russell Noga, the founder of Medisupps, Medicare supplement plans 2021 offer comprehensive coverage in this regard and you can find out more directly from his website The coverage can help seniors get treatment for their teeth, get X-ray inspections including the mouth, gum, and throat checkups. These preventative measures can help find and eliminate problems before they get bigger.

Relevant vaccinations

Vaccinations are very important, even for seniors. There is a variety of vaccinations seniors should still get and it includes the pneumococcal vaccine. This vaccine can help seniors prevent pneumonia, meningitis, endocarditis, inner ear infections, sinusitis, and other infections. 

Another vaccine that is important for seniors over the age of 60 is shingle vaccinations. There are other vaccinations seniors should ensure they get periodically to prevent conditions that can worry them. Seniors should thus make time to get these vaccinations on time to prevent larger problems that could occur.

Hearing checkup

Amongst other common health problems for senior citizens, they are at higher risk of having hearing problems. This is a natural part of aging but sometimes the cause could be an infection or other underlying condition. 

Seniors should then have an audiogram every 2 to 3 years to determine if they need treatment of any kind. During the audiogram, patients are tested hearing using different sound intensity levels and pitches. 

If hearing loss has been discovered, a specialist can treat the problem. The treatment specialists provide depends greatly on what is causing this problem and its severity.

Bone density scan

Discovering medical conditions caused by low bone density, such as osteoporosis in senior citizens, is critical. As the human body ages, bone density generally decreases and this condition is mostly present in women. 

Hence a periodic bone density scan is crucial for women over the age of 65. Men should also take this scan because they are also prone to developing lower bone density over time. 

A bone density scan will measure the mass of the bones, which indicates musculoskeletal strength. If a bone deficiency is detected, a doctor might recommend taking calcium supplements or follow another treatment protocol prescribed.

Thyroid-stimulating hormone screening

The thyroid gland, which regulates metabolic rates in a human body, may generate fewer hormones that are not enough. Lower thyroid might lead to metabolic issues that could cause weight gain and sluggishness. In some cases, not enough hormones could cause achiness and even erectile dysfunction with men.

 A senior can request a thyroid screening and all that is required is drawing blood and testing it. That screening could determine whether or not a senior’s thyroid is functioning properly. If not, a doctor can recommend relevant supplements to help stimulate the thyroid for it to function properly again.