Seasons are changing and winter isn’t far off. While exact weather patterns can be difficult to predict, being prepared for extreme cold and precipitation is always better than being caught off guard. Here are eight things that you can do to cope with the most extreme cold during this winter season.

1. Invest in a Humidifier

Humidifiers are little appliances that distribute moisture into the air. During winter when it’s already cold, this can be a great advantage to dry, brittle air. Wood on furniture stays protected rather than warping, drying out, or becoming damaged due to extreme temperatures. Moist air can feel warmer than dry air and will help keep your heating bill down at least a little bit. Humidifiers also serve to prevent infections. Having indoor humidity levels of forty three percent or more made eighty five percent of airborne infections practically useless. Whatever your motivation, a humidifier is your friend this winter.

2. Keep Exercising

Lots of people seem to start hibernating away from the gym the minute the thermometer drops below thirty degrees. You may want to consider doing the opposite. Not only will there be less to make up for when spring and beach season roll around, but working out can help to keep mood elevated during the darker months.

3. Stay Motivated

Sometimes, goals at work and home are pushed to the side during the winter. To keep yourself distracted from the frigid weather, stay motivated to accomplish little tasks and projects during winter months. Your spring self will thank you for your dedication, particularly if one of those projects happens to be cleaning. Practicing gratitude, meditation, and yoga can also help keep motivation alive rather than letting seasonal depression encroach on the season.

4. Bundle up

This may seem obvious but many people often forget something when dressing for the cold, The most common things people forget are proper boots, winter hats, or wool socks.  Have a checklist that you go through every day until it becomes second nature and you will be able to avoid the unpleasantries of the cold.

5. Swap Out Your Thermostat

Investing in a smart thermostat that will automatically adjust heat based on predetermined settings will play to your benefit during especially cold weeks and months. The alternative is freezing with the heat off, or turning it on before work to let it heat an empty house all day so that you aren’t a solid block when you get home. Your energy bill will thank you for the switch.

6. Moisturize

Body lotion, face moisturizer, and lip balm are all good ideas in winter. Even if you do have a humidifier in your house, the dry air outside will make short work of exposed skin. Eye protection in the form of sunglasses is helpful during commutes as well. Don’t let you skin take the brunt of the cold this winter; lubricate it accordingly.

7. Take a Trip

If it’s just too darned cold where you live, seek warmer conditions. Go visit relatives further down the coast, use the excuse to get out of the country, or do whatever you need to do in order to stay safe. While you’re traveling, be mindful of weather conditions.

8. Prevent Illness

While you’re surviving the winter, do your best not to come down with any viruses or colds. Sleeping at least eight hours a night, eating a balanced diet, washing your hands frequently, and practicing self-care however it works for you can help your cause. Creative outlets, hobbies, and exercising are all terrific options for taking a little “you” time. Try to incorporate it into a regular routine rather than using it as a one-time occurrence. Your body will thank you.

Utilizing these eight tips will help you survive a chilly winter season. Make sure to listen to your body and remember that safety always comes first. Curl up with your hot tea, fuzzy socks, and blanket and settle in.

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