There comes a time in every pet owner’s life when you have to do the dreaded potty-training exercise. 

It’s not easy and it can definitely be challenging on all sorts of levels but the sooner you get it done, the better it will be for both you and your pet. 

Younger pups typically take to potty training faster and easier and as you’ll soon see, all it takes is following a few simple practices to turn your pet into a well-trained companion. 

Use a Dog Leash

There are many different ways to control your corgi, including using a crate, a pen, and a leash. 

I know this sounds like a bizarre combination of objects, but you’ll understand why I mentioned it below. Besides, you’ll have heard of them during your corgi sale while adopting your pup.

All you have to do is attach a leash to your pup to control their environment effortlessly. That way they can’t wander around doing their business just anywhere, and you’ll be able to tell if they need to go outside to poop or pee. 

Train Your Dog Where to Go

Your corgis will follow your lead in anything you do, especially if they’re well trained. They will see you as their pack leaders so it’s up to you to show them where to go number 2. 

It typically takes about 14 to 28 days to establish a good potty routine, but a month of training is worth it for a lifetime of well-behaved and hygienic pups. 

The most important thing is to supervise your dog properly and control their environment well. 

Keep a Consistent Feeding Schedule

The next suggestion would be to maintain a consistent and constant feeding schedule. 

Make sure your pet is getting all of the nutrients it needs by feeding them a balanced diet of high-quality food with all the right nutrients. 

Avoid food with fillers and harmful ingredients and stick to whole dog foods that will aid your pet’s digestion instead of disrupting it. 

Create Dog-Proof Areas

Create pet-friendly zones throughout your house where your pet is allowed to roam freely without being placed inside a pen or crate. 

A mudroom or laundry room are great examples of such areas because at least they’re hidden from view so you can afford to have a few potty accidents in there while training your pet. Just make sure the area doesn’t have carpet floors or else cleanup will be a nightmare. 

Otherwise, these are great areas to leave your pet unsupervised when going to work or to run errands during the day. Alternatively, you can leave them in a pen for their safety. 

Make Sure Your Pet Gets Regular Exercise

Keep your pup active because corgis love to exercise and play. It’s like their favorite thing in the world. 

If like most pet owners you work a full-time job and don’t always have time to entertain your pet then you should try and come home during your lunch hour so you can take them outside even if it’s for a little while. 

Or you could hire a dog walker or take them to doggy daycare during the day while you’re at work. You can even ask a friend or a family member to look after your pet during the day to make sure that it’s not lonely. 

Your pet is always bursting with energy so they’ll be glad to go outside even if it’s to take a potty break. 

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