Going out and buying a new puppy is very tempting but there are many good reasons why you should adopt a rescue dog instead. There are many stray dogs that end up in rescue shelters every year for various reasons and adopting one can reduce this number. 

All good rescue shelters have an application process to ensure they find loving and permanent homes for the dogs in their care. 

1. It’s the right thing to do 

Animals in a rescue shelter are there because they were unwanted and abandoned, given up for a specific reason or got lost. There are not enough homes for all the animals that are born every year. Euthanasia is sometimes the only option because there are simply not enough homes for all of them. 

You can help break the overpopulation cycle and reduce cruel breeding practices by adopting a rescue dog. Backyard breeders keep breeding dogs for profit that they sell to pet stores or sell through newspaper advertisements. 

2. You can find every type of dog 

People tend to think that rescue dogs are usually mixed breed dogs. Tragically, every type of companion animal can experience abandonment and cruelty. From bulldogs to border collies, there is every type of dog you can think in rescue shelters. 

You can choose from a great selection of breeds or mixed breeds if you decide to adopt a rescue dog. Cavapoos, a combination of a cavalier king spaniel and a poodle, are sought after rescue dogs but they are not so easy to find. If you go to ourfitpets.com you will find a list of rescue homes with Cavapoo rescues for adoption

3. It’s very rewarding

Adopting a rescue dog means a dog has a second chance at belonging to a loving family. It can be incredibly rewarding to take a dog that’s had a rough start in life and give it some love. A good deed like this can give you an immense return in terms of the unconditional love your rescue dog gives you. 

It will repay your kindness and patience in rebuilding its confidence with loyalty and trust. It can also give you an opportunity to show your children how rewarding it can be to take a dog that’s 

4. You pay less 

The veterinary bills can mount up for a brand new puppy that needs microchipping, vaccinating and neutering or spaying. Adopting a rescue dog may mean that some or all of these steps have already been taken. Adoption fees are usually low and are much less than the cost of purebred puppies sold for profit. 

Rescue centers give all their dogs complete health checks before they go to their new homes. For example, they receive all their vaccinations as well as treatment for ticks and fleas. They may even go through a behavior screening process and shelters often have veterinary partners that assist them with health care issues and concerns. 

4. Your adoption fee helps more dogs

Good rescue shelters will vaccinate, desex, worm and microchip their rescue dogs and this is included in the adoption fee. They are often cared for by dedicated volunteers until foster homes can be found. 

When you pay your adoption fee, you give back to an organization that uses the funds to save more lives and provide an environment in which rescue dogs can be well cared for and prepared for life in a new home. When you adopt a rescue dog, it opens up a place for another dog in need and so your kind act can actually save two dogs in need. 

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